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What are the causes of water pollution in the river Yamuna and what are its solutions?

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The river has become like a drainage. The fishes in the river are dying. Pollution levels in it are getting high.

The River Yamuna and other Indian rivers are being polluted due to open sewage drains, lack of sufficient sewage treatment plants, soil erosion, and by dumping plastic and other garbage into river water.

The River Yamuna is harmful to animals and humans because it contains sewage and other pollutants. There are also other pollutants like metals that are toxic.

The Yamuna River ends at river estuary.

Average depth of Yamuna river is 40ft

case study of local river yamuna

The Yamuna is a river that is located in the northern India area. The Yamuna is also known as the Jumma or the Jamuna, and it is the largest tributary river of the Ganga (Ganges).

Can we compare the great Yamuna river with Thames of United Kingdom. Samir

yamuna starts from yamunotri

we can save our yamuna by spreading public awareness

Brij Gopal and Malavika Sah wrote 'Conservation and Management of Rivers in India: Case study of the River Yamuna.' They Yamuna river is 855 miles long.

The main cause of river pollution is the dumping of waste. This dumping is done in the name of religion.

The Yamuna River is on the subcontinent of India, the continent Asia, but just stick with the answer of India. :P

Yamuna is getting polluted because of human activities.

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yes as all pollution is sucked into the river banks and causes the lower numbers of sea life.

The river Ganga Yamuna and Sarasvati meet in Allahabad. Edited By- Kavaj Burdak

no step is taken by the government till now because government is corrupted

people wash clothes on the banks of river Yamunapeople take a bath in the river as a religious practice.people make there animals bath in the river.

Yamuna river meets with Ganga river near Allahabad, the city of Uttar Pradesh. The holy place is called Sangam.

Chamba river joins Yamuna a tibutory of Ganga ai Ettawa Up and Yamuna joins Ganga river at Allahabad.

The causes of the pollution are: -factories dumping unwanted waste -corpses -pesticides and fertilizers -animal waste -sewage

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