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What are the differences between the Northwest Coast culture Region and the Subarctic or Arctic Region?

Northwest coast and Subarctic are much warmer the Arctic. The land is more forest-like and has more animals in the Northwest coast and Subarctic. The Arctic culture live in snowhouses, and the other live in wigwams and longhouses. the main source of food for Northwest is salmon, Subarctic is most wildlife and Arctic ate mainly seal.

What kind of region did the Chinook Indians live in?

The Northwest Coast The Northwest Coast

Where was the tlingit located?

the tlingit culture were located in the Northwest coast. thats why there nickname is the northwest coast people.

What region do the makahs live in?

The Northwest Coast

What is the largest aboriginal culture in region in Canada?

It is either arctic subarctic northwest coast plateau great plains northeast woodlands

What region did the kwakiutl indians live in?

northwest coast cultural region

What region does the hopi live in?

they lived on the southwest region /northwest coast of Arizona

What native American region lived in a wood house with a cedar totem pole?

The northwest region or more known as Northwest Coast.

What tribes live in the Arctic cultural region?

northwest coast

In what region did the tlingit haida and the Chinook peoples live?

the northwest coast

The Chinook Indians lived along the coast of northern?

yes they did in the pacific northwest region

How was life in the northwest coast region different from life in other regions?

it was blah. llamas.

How did the food Native Americans ate reflect where they lived?

I have an example. The northwest coast ate salmon. It was a main resource. So native Americans that ate salmon that were most likely to be from the northwest coast region.

What did the land in the Northwest coast native American region look like?

It looked like a grassy place.

What region is home to the Kwakiutl a Native American group that only has about 5000 members remaining?

Northwest Coast

How did the northwest coast Indians travel?

The Northwest Coast Indians traveled by canoes.

What region names do weather forecasters use on the forecast?

Basically they use terms based on how America is separated: Northeast, East Coast, Midwest, Southeast, Southwest, West Coast, Northwest, Great Lakes Region, Heartland.

What are 10 Native American culture regions?

There are seven major regions where the Native Americans developed their culture: The Great Basin, The Great Plains, The Northwest Coast, The Southwest Coast, The Eastern Woodlands, and The Arctic. There is one more, though...

Three advantages of the northwest coast environment?

northwest coast ienviroment surroundings are tress and canoes

What did the northwest coast live in?

The Northwest Coast Indians lived in plank houses which were mostly decorated.

When was Coast Guard Museum Northwest created?

Coast Guard Museum Northwest was created in 1988.

Is the pacific northwest and the northwest coast the same?


What are region names that weather forecasters use?

Weather forecasters use region names such as midwest, south, southeast, southwest, northeast, northwest, plains, eastern coast, etc.

What region names have you heard weather forecaster use?

Weather forecasters use region names such as midwest, south, southeast, southwest, northeast, northwest, plains, eastern coast, etc.

Why did the people of the northwest pacific coast region develop large and complex societies?

There was time to do so. Food was abundant and neighbors were relatively peaceful.