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Congratulations on your education accomplishments thus far. To answer your question, it would be safe to say that running/managing a hotel is a big undertaking and very few General Managers will tell you that someone gave them that much responsibility right out of college. Although your education looks great on a resume, you should get your foot in the door of a hotel in the calibur you hope to run someday (motel, economy, extended stay, botique, upscale or resort) as a department head. If you have zero hands on experience, I would reccommend starting off as a Shift Manager at the Front Desk - where you can easily pick up on the operations. Spend extra time shadowing your hotel controller/accountant to learn financials, your hotel's executive housekeeper to learn about the rooms and the front office manager to learn the day-to-day guest services aspect. Then, upon completion of these, ask your GM for more responsibility and make sure they know your career goals. Eventually, when you are ready for it, you'll have a property of your own to manage. Good luck!
Hospitality management is the academic study of the running of hotels, restaurants, and travel and tourism-related business.

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What are the current hospitality careers available in the Wichita, KS area?

There are several hospitality careers that are available in Wichita KS. Some of them include hotel manager and General Management.

What is the job description of a function manager in hospitality inductry?

It is a person who controls the management team of different hospitality industry. their responsibilities includes like controlling stock and helping their employees if any problem occur.

How to become a golf course manager.?

To become a golf course manager, you have to have an extensive training in golf course management. It is not an easy job, you have to know everything there is to know about golf course management. Check out for article on becoming a golf course manager.

What You Find with Hospitality Management Schools?

Workers in the hospitality industry know that the main responsibility of their job is to serve customers. Hotels, casinos, and restaurants are just a few of the places where hospitality workers are found. Hospitality management schools prepare students for the tasks and duties they'll encounter in their occupation. The following contains some further information about hospitality management schools. For a person who wants to make a career in the hospitality industry, attending a hospitality management school is a wise idea. In a hospitality management school a student can learn the job responsibilities of a hotel or club manager. In addition, hospitality management schools teach students how to deal with the challenges involved in running a successful restaurant. In essence, hospitality management schools provide students with the knowledge to maintain a career in the hospitality industry. There are a few downsides to attending school to garner a job in the hospitality industry. For one, there is the expense of the tuition. A person must be sure that he or she wants to pursue a career in the industry before investing money in education. In addition, a person must dedicate the time and study necessary to learn all about the hospitality industry. This can be hard if a person is trying to maintain a job in another field while attending courses at a hospitality management school. Online classes are an option to explore if a person doesn't feel he or she has the time to attend courses at a traditional hospitality management school. A person who has decided to attend courses must begin a search for a suitable hospitality management school. The Internet has many resources for a person looking for either traditional or online courses that focus on the hospitality industry. A student may also look at the brochures of some nearby colleges to determine if they offer these types of courses. Speaking with a professional in the hospitality industry is also a convenient way to find out more about the work. Generally, individuals who work in the hospitality industry enjoy dealing with guests. They take pride in providing guests with the best experience possible.

What is the difference between management and manager?

Management is an activity or function. Manager is the person who actually does the management

What is a sentence with the word hospitality?

I thanked the hotel manager for his hospitality. The 'hospitality suite' is a major meeting place during conventions. Stranded in the small Georgia town, he soon discovered that southern hospitality still existed.

What education or training do you need to become a hotel owner?

To become a hotel manager, you should get at least an Associate's Degree, preferably in something like Hospitality, Hotel Management, or Management. If you want to become a hotel manager of a very profitable hotel, then most likely you will need a Bachelor's Degree in one of those majors. My suggestion is this. Go to a technical college and get an Associate's Degree in something related to hospitality or management. While you go to college, you should work for a hotel part-time as a front desk person, bookkeeper, cleaner, anything. So by the time you get your 2 year degree, you will have an education AND experience. From there, it is up to you to determine whether you should continue your education or take your chances with what you have. I wish you the best of luck.

What is the meaning of stratagic management of HR Manager?

what is the meaning of stratagic management of HR Manager

What is the full form of manager in hospitality industry?

to be rather great at literature.

Meaning of management trainee?

A management trainee describes someone who is being trained to be a manager or be promoted to a manager. A management trainee often does part of the job that the manager is doing.

Is Project management a part of management?

Project Management is about managing a finite project, that has both a beginning and an end. A Project Manager communicates with a Manager in an Organizational Hierarchy regarding resources, budget, etc... In answer to your question, Project Management is not part of management. Note that a Project Manager can also be a functional manager (or in short, a manager) in small companies.

What is a duty manager?

Duty Manager is commonly a term used within the hospitality industry. Usually a member of the management team, though increasingly someone employed to solely a Duty Manager or Manager on Duty is the first point of contact in the absent of a senior manager. For example, in a hotel in the absence of the General Manager, the Duty Manager will be in control of the hotel. In charge of ensuring all brand standards, policies and procedures set out by the company or General Manager are being executed.

What types of hospitality businesses are there?

Some possible careers are hotel or motel manager, convention center coordinator, spa or resort manager, restaurant manager, retirement center manager, casino manager, and more.

Does a management course teaches someone to be a manager?

A management course is a class that teaches a person a person how to be a manager. A person has to have this class to become a manager.

How many hours a week do lawyers work?

So now you want to be a lawyer instead of a dentist? I recommend on focusing all of your energy into becoming a high school graduate--it will increase your chances of becoming a manager at the McDonald's that you will be spending the rest of your life at.

What are some areas I could work in with hospitality certification?

"With hospitality certification, you can have a career as a hotel adiministrator, a food and beverage executive or an engineering operations executive." "There are lots of careers available with a hospitality certification. You could serve as an event planner, a travel agent, a computer manager or even a front office manager."

What is the difference between Project manager and Delivery manager?

Explain the difference between "Project Management" and "Delivery Management."

What are the differences between project management and traditional management?

Project Management is more or less of a standardized process for handling projects from inception to completion. Typically, a project manager works under a functional manager (I believe this is what you mean by traditional management). A functional manager usually has the resources and has more authority than the project manager. In small companies, a functional manager can also be a project manager.

Role of operations manager in hospitality and tourism industry?

operation manager in an hospitality industry is to ensure smooth operation in all department ,general supervision working with client , ensure profitable in business,attend to guest complaint at all the time.

What are some good hospitality jobs?

According to the 10 jobs in hospitality, careerbuilder version, hotel general manager is on the top. Basically, working at the hotels are the good hospitality jobs, for instance, hotel clerk, bellshop and concierge.

What is the role of a manager in the hospitality industry?

The manager in the hospitality industry is responsible for operations and staffing. They must make certain that their facility delivers excellent customer service. The role of the manager depends on the size of the facility. In small facilities, they may be responsible for stepping into front desk positions or facilitating check in or check out.

What qualifications are needed to manage a restaurant?

Food service or hospitality management education is not mandatory for a restaurant manager but is preferred. Real world experience in the food service world is mandatory along with leadership capability, initiative and reliability.

Becoming a disaster manager?

how to manage disaster

The definition of management and who is manager?

Management is to run an organisation or a branch of one.

What are the suffixes for manage?


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