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What are the chances of becoming a hotel manager with an AA in Hospitality and an AA in Hotel Management?



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Congratulations on your education accomplishments thus far. To answer your question, it would be safe to say that running/managing a hotel is a big undertaking and very few General Managers will tell you that someone gave them that much responsibility right out of college. Although your education looks great on a resume, you should get your foot in the door of a hotel in the calibur you hope to run someday (motel, economy, extended stay, botique, upscale or resort) as a department head. If you have zero hands on experience, I would reccommend starting off as a Shift Manager at the Front Desk - where you can easily pick up on the operations. Spend extra time shadowing your hotel controller/accountant to learn financials, your hotel's executive housekeeper to learn about the rooms and the front office manager to learn the day-to-day guest services aspect. Then, upon completion of these, ask your GM for more responsibility and make sure they know your career goals. Eventually, when you are ready for it, you'll have a property of your own to manage. Good luck!
Hospitality management is the academic study of the running of hotels, restaurants, and travel and tourism-related business.