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100%. don't pierce you tongue at all. and it'll leave a scar.

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How old do you have to be to get your tongue pierced in Montana?

14 with parent. 15 by yourself.

Can you be 14 and get your tongue pierced?

Yes you can but you have to have your parents permission. You can't get one by yourself

Can you get your tongue pierced with geographic tongue?

Yes. I have geographic tongue, and have had it pierced twice.

How old do you have to be to get your tongue pierced without parents concent?

As far as I know you have to be 18 to get your tongue pierced by yourself but most places will do it when you're about 15 if you have a parent with you. It depends where you go x

Is Bill Kaulitz's tongue pierced?

Yes, he does have his tongue pierced.

Where can you get your tongue pierced at in Clinton?

Where can you get your tongue pierced at in Clinton, MO?

When did Synyster Gates get his tongue pierced?

yes he has his tongue pierced

Did Joe Jonas get his tongue pierced?

Joe Jonas didn't get his tongue pierced, but he did get his ears pierced.

What can be hurt when you get your tongue pierced?

The two blue veins that run along under your tongue could be punctured.Your tongue could swell so badly that it engulfs the jewelry.You run the risk of damaging your gums and teeth.

How old do you have to be to get your tongue pierced in Arizona?

It is against the law to get your tongue pierced in this state.

How long does your tongue have to be to get it pierced?

There is no length requirement for getting your tongue pierced. Anyone can get their tongue pierced with the exception of people that have their own personal and/or medical reasons.

How old do you have to be to get your tongue pierced in Augusta GA?

14 with parental consent 18 to have the right to do it yourself

Can a head cold cause your pierced tongue to swell?

No.! Wth.!? I have my tongue pierced and I have no issues with it..

Is getting your tongue pierced trashy?

YES! DEFINATELY!REALITY CHECK- It just depends on who you ask. Everyone is going to have an opinion, you just have to decide whether or not you care what other people think. Some people actually think tongue piercings are cool, and others won't hire you if you have your tongue pierced. Figure out for yourself how the idea of a pierced tongue makes you feel.

What is the meaning of a toungue piercing?

There is no "deep" meaning to tongue piercing, it's a pierced tongue.... no meaning just a pierced tongue.

Why get your tongue pierced?

Well because you want to have it pierced.

What does it mean if you had your tongue pierced?

When you get your tongue pierced, you go to a tattooist and they stick a needle thru your tongue, and you put a tongue ring in it. Its very similar to ear piercing = )

How do you tell if your able to get your tongue pierced?

You're only ever un-able to get your tongue pierced if you have an abnormal tongue webbing. If you webbing is minimal and doesn't stop right under your tip, instead of at the bas of your tongue, you'll be fine to get your tongue pierced.

How old was Josh Ramsay when he got his tongue pierced?

josh ramsay was 17 when he got his tongue pierced

What should you do if you drank alcohol the day after getting your tongue pierced?

rinse your mouth out with water and just keep your eye on it, should be fine. You can always call the professional who pierced your tongue if anything should seem odd. chances are, your tongue would be swollen now so, ice and water should take care of you! :)

When getting your tongue pierced does it bleed after getting it pierced?


What does it mean when a girl gets her tongue pierced?

She gets her tongue pierced, that's what it means...........a pierced tongue. Don't go looking for a deeper meaning in something that isn't gives guys the wrong immpression

Does it hurt really bad to get your tongue pierced?

Getting your tongue pierced is a major decision. It hurts very very bad. NEVER do it yourself. Please, if you are wanting to get your tongue pierced, go to a professional. But, yes it does hurt. it don't i have had mine done twice now cause i had to let it close up for school but don't EVER do it your self there is a major vain in your tongue but it doesnt hurt that bad only for a min

What hurts more getting your ears pierced or getting your tongue pierced?

Getting your tongue pierced hurts more. It's going to be sore for longer, make speech slightly slurred, and you may drool on yourself. Eat cold things for a day or two. After being pierced, it may feel warm/hot and the cold feels really good.

Does beau brooks have his tongue pierced?

Yes he does have a piercing in or on his tongue

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