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if he has aids and the condom bursts you most likely have it too. you do if it was inside of you when it bursted

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How can you prevent getting aids?

You can prevent getting aids by not having sex at all. Or by when having sex using a condom.

How do you avoid getting aids?

Do not have unprotected sex. Always wear a condom.

Chances of a male getting HIV from a female?

If the girl is infected with the HIV AIDS virus then there is a chance of contracting an infection from her. The best way to protect yourself against infection is by using a condom.

What are the chances of women getting aids if her husband has aids?

100% if she has frequent anal sex with him and his gay lover.

How do you catch AIDS and HIV?

you get hiv or aids if you have sex with someone that has it without a condom

Can you have aids if you have intercourse with a person with aids and without a condom?

Yes you can catch AIDs from either blood or semen of an infected person.

How common is AIDS in New Zealand?

In 2008, there were 4,268,900 people in New Zealand and there were only 106 cases of AIDS/HIV. So your chances of getting AIDS in New Zealand is roughly 1 in 42,689.

Can you have aids if you don't use a condom but with a clean partner?

No; you can't get AIDS (HIV) from a clean partner.

If you a girl for the first time without using condom will you get aids?

Not necessarily. You run the risk of getting aidsif the partner you have unprotected sex with has aids. However if the person you are having sex with does not have any diseases that can be sexually transmitted, (STD's) then you cant get a disease having sex with them. Remember though you would always be wise to use a condom to reduce the risk of pregnancy and disease.

Is it true that being celibate increases the chances of you getting Aids?

No, actually it is the opposite that is the truth. If someone were completely celibate, then their chance of catching AIDS would be almost nothing, while the more sexual partners you have, the higher are your chances of contracting the virus.

What do you do if a condom breaks during sex?

can be a reson of spread aids,

How do to prevention the aids?

To prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS have safe sex! wear a condom. Safe sex no regrets.

Can you get aids when your condom did not break?

The only absolute guaranteed way to never get AIDS is either abstinence or to have sex only with guaranteed AIDS-free partners.

What is a conbom?

You may mean a "condom". This is a word that refers to protection against getting a woman pregnant. A man may wear a condom on his penis when having sex. Most condoms are made of latex, but some are made of lambskin. A condom can also prevents some diseases: there are studies which show that using a condom can prevent the spread of the AIDS virus, for example.

How aids transfer?

AnswerAids is transfered when people have sex, using a condom greatly reduces the chances of getting aids. Animals cannot get aids and can't transfer it. Aids comes from blood, semen and other bodily fluids. You can't get aids from saliva, so kissing, hugging, handshakes, and just about everything else will not give you aids. If someone has aids, don't worry about it, as long as you don't have sex with them you'll be fine. Edit:Aids can also be transfered by blood. If someone with aids has an open cut, you can only get it if you are to share blood or eat the blood by maybe accedetly mixing it with food but the aids virus can only live for five minutes outside of the body. If you give birth to a child while not having aids, and you some how you obtian it in your blood stream and breast feed the child, it will get aids even though it might have not had aids after birth.

Can you give yourself aids if your seamen goes into a cut on your penis while wearing a condom?

you can't give yourself aids, surely that would imply that you have aids to begin with.

How can you prevent yourself from getting aids?

You get AIDS because you have HIV. So if you avoid HIV you keep from getting AIDS.

Can you catch aids from a woman if you wear a condom?

No, because condoms are made of latex and AIDS and any other STD and STI can't get through it.

What are examples of equality in the us economy?

aids is deadly were a condom dont spread it get a test

Can you get hiv or aids if you kiss someone?

no if u boomboom without condom then u infected

What happens if you swim in a river?

you will get aids and die.. so make sure you wear a condom

Name two risk factors to be aware of before any sexual contact?

Well, for one. Getting pregnant isn't always funAnd 2, AIDS?Just use a condom :)

Can you have a baby if you have aids?

yes, but if you have the baby you should have a c-section it evens the chances of the baby catching aids !

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