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What are the chances of getting alimony from your wife in Florida?

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There can be no definite answer to such a question as spousal maintenance is awarded based upon the individual circumstances of the involved parties rather than statutory law.

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If a wife is cheating on her husband in Florida and they get divorced does he have to pay alimony?

Florida has no fault divorce. Infidelity is not an issue.

When you move from one state to the another?

if i am paying alimony in florida and move to new jersey can i stop paying alimony to my ex wife

In Florida can an ex wife cohabit with a live-in boyfriend after divorce and still collect alimony?

Yes, once the wife is legally divorced she can date or live with whomever she wants and still collect alimony if that was the agreement in the divorce settlement.

How does Iowa determine alimony?

the man has to pay the wife alimony :)

Can an unemployed wife in Florida get alimony and spousal support if she has two small children and is pregnant with the third child?

Alimony and Spousal Support are the same thing. If you're awarded custody of the children, you'll receive child support. But alimony has nothing to do with whether or not you have children.

In Florida can alimony be terminated if a wife co habits with another man?

Most likely, yes. Alimony can be terminated automatically by certain conditions such as when the person receiving spousal support: * dies * remarries * cohabitates (moves in with a lover) * becomes self supporting

How long do alimony payments last?

For how long does a husband have to pay alimony to his ex-wife in New York Satate?

How long does husband have to pay alimony?

He will have to pay his wife alimony till the day she gets married for the second time.

What is theterm for the compensation given to the wife during divorce?


Can a judge use your husband wife to pay support for the husband ex-wife alimony?


Can a wife get alimony if she is on permenant disability?

Yes, it is possible for her to get alimony still. It will depend upon her ex-husband's salary and how much disability she gets.

Do you have to pay alimony to wife if she worked before?

That's interpreted by the court.

Did Johnny Carson pay his wife Jody more alimony?


After a divorce how much alimony is paid to ex-wife and if either gets married again is he still obligated to pay and is it based on who earns more who is responsible 2 pay How does it work?

If a husband files for divorce he can specify that no alimony be paid. If a wife files, she can ask for alimony, but usually it's because she has no income or a very low amount of salary. The wife can ask for whatever amount she wants but the husband can file a paper showing that he can't afford that amount. The judge can decide how much it will be. Usually it's less than half of whatever the spouse earns. Many women don't ask for alimony. In most divorces women don't pay alimony to men. If you have a rich wife you could get it. If the woman (or man) receives alimony and gets married - the alimony stops. If the person who pays alimony gets married they still have to pay it.

Is the husband entitled to pay alimony in new york state if his wife is cheating on him and has left the home as well?

The only way a wife can pay alimony is if she is rich, like those millionaire, or politics, but normally she don't.

You want to know how much you paid alimony since 2007?

i ben paying since 2007 alimony to my ex wife how i can check how much lift

If your wife cheated on you what is your chances of getting primary custody?

That's not the main reason to use see links below

Does a husband have to pay alimony in Ohio if the wife is living with someone after the divorce?


If you have evidence of wife cheating what should you do?

Take it to a lawyer and make her pay alimony.

Can the unemployed wife get alimony in Maryland?

That is dependent of circumstances, length of marriage, and the judge.

Would I be responsible for my husband's alimony payments to his ex-wife if he can't pay?

No, you would not be responsible for your husband's alimony payments to his ex-wife if he can't pay. Your income is not considered a factor in payments. Depending on the agreement, your husband may modify the alimony payments in court if he can show proof he is unable to pay.

What second wife entitle to?

Depends on where you live, but usually half your stuff, and alimony and all that, same thing as the first wife.

If a husband leaves his wife children for another woman can the wife get alimony from husband?

* In some cases yes she can get alimony and often will be able to keep the house as well as receive child support. Any man who leaves his wife and children without proper support isn't much of a man.

If a husband felt really bad about cheating on his wife and hurt his family after getting caught cheating what are the chances he will cheat again if the wife isn't having sex with him?

In my experience, as both a husband and a wife, 100%

If a wife has had an affair is she still entitled to alimony?

That would depend on the state laws and the judge.