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Q: What are the chances of getting pregnant if both partners are fixed?
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What are the chances of getting pregnant if both parties are fixed?

1% or less.

What are the chances of getting pregnant if the man is fixed?

If done and healed right it should be zero.

Can you get pregnant while using an oed and my husband is fixed?

The OED is the Oxford English Dictionary. Reading it non-stop may prevent pregnancy but its not recommended. But an IUD (intra-uterine device) is also pretty good at stopping pregnancy. It creates a hostile environment in your womb that prevents the sperm getting to your eggs. If your husband is 'fixed" then his sperm tubes have been broken. Sperm is produced inside him, but it cannot get out of him to make you pregnant. So, your womb is unfriendly to sperm, and his sperm are blocked from getting there anyway. The chances of you getting pregnant are thus very very very small.

Can a fixed dog get pregnant?

No, they cannot.

Can a fixed female dog get pregnant?


What will happen if your cat is fixed and she is pregnant?

that is actually is not possible unless something went wrong when your cat was getting fixed. vets usually know what they're doing, so something shouldn't have went wrong. I would first contact a vet to make sure your cat is not pregnant.

Can a female dog that is in heat and is not fixed get pregnant from a male dog who is fixed?

no.the male who has been fixed does not produce semen needed to fertilize the females egg. He may hump her, but that's just nature.:) no because if the male dog is fixed he can't impregnate any dog... that's the point in getting a dog fixed...

How can tell if a female dog is fixed?

You don't find blood on your floor from her getting her period, idk. Let her mate with another dog and if she doesn't get pregnant she's fixed :) Or take her to a vet, they should be able to tell.

Is your labrador retriever pregnant?

No. She's fixed.

Can a woman get pregnant from man that's fixed?


How do you get pregnant when husband is fixed?

You sleep with the mailman.

If a female cat is fixed can she still get pregnant?


Is it possible for a fixed female human to get pregnant?


Can female cat get pregnant when they fix?

No, because fixed means fixed. They have stuff taken away required to have babies when fixed.

Will getting a pet rat fixed hurt them?

getting any animal fixed will hurt them, but the wound will heal.

Can a girl still get pregnant by a guy whose got fixed?

Not if he really was fixed, but some guys lie about that.

Can a woman get pregnant if she is fixed and the man is not?

If a woman is "fixed' then her fallopian tubes have been tied, or more correctly, have been both tied and cut. If this procedure as been carried out properly, which is true most of the time, then she cannot get pregnant with any man. It makes no difference if he is "fixed" or not "fixed".

Where to get your video game fixed?

Go to a game store and they will have info on getting it fixed.

Can a woman have a baby if fixed?

No. Being fixed means your eggs are gone. Women need eggs to be fertilized to get pregnant.

Can a woman get pregnant when the man and woman have fixed?

No; it would not be possible.

What does a female cats privets look like when fixed?

The external genitalia of the cat will look the same after it is fixed (or "spayed", some call it). When a female cat gets fixed, the veterinarian performs a surgery called an ovariohysterectomy where she/he will remove the ovaries and uterus of the cat, preventing her from getting pregnant or going into heat. I hope that helps! :)

How can people help rabbits?

People can help rabbits by getting them fixed....And that helps them because when rabbits are pregnant they are in lots of pain....And also we have to many rabbits on this earth....And not enough homes for them all...

Is it worth getting your head gasket fixed?


Can a male dog that was fixed get a female dog pregnant whose in heat?


Can you get someone pregnant if you've been fixed?

In EXTREMELY rare cases.