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Most women ovulate 7-14 days after the first day of their period now if the condom broke while you were having sex and you were on your period chances are that your not pregnant since it is very difficult to become pregnant during your period but not impossible if you are worried about becoming pregnnat get to your local planned parenthood center and get the morning after pill but hurry up because you only have 72 hours after unprotected sex or failure of contraception for it to be effective hope everything works out for you Good Luck and God Bless!!!

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Q: What are the chances that you are pregnant if the condom broke and he ejaculated and your having your period if your 5 days into it?
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What are the chances that you are pregnant if on mini pill and used condom but having a few pregnant symptoms a month later?

if you used the pill and a condom then I would say there is little chance you are pregnant

Do you hav to have your period to get pregnant?

No; in fact having your period shrinks your chances of getting pregnant to almost zero. Still use a condom though.

What are the chances of falling pregnant while using a condom?

There are good chances of falling pregnant while using a condom as the conden may burst...!!! Its better to go for a urine pregnancy test on the 4th week after having sex...!!! or look for pregnancy related symptoms...

Iwas due on the 14 and he ejaculated inside you on thanksgiving could you be pregnant?

If you are having unprotected sex let alone he ejaculated in you there is always a good chance that you could be pregnant. If you do not want to get pregnant ALWAYS use a condom in addition to a regular form of birth control.AnswerYes as there is always a chance when having unprotected sex take a hpt immediately or see your dictor.

Your boyfriend ejaculated inside you 2 days after your period then again 13 days after that and then again 2 days after that what are your chances of being pregnant?

If you are having unprotected sex, your chance of becoming is high. The only way that is 100% sure is abstinence.Barring that, using a condom is above 95%

Is it possible to get pregnant even taking pills?

Yes it is, but there is a very small chance that you will become pregnant and using a condom or having your partner pull out to cum will greatly decrease your chances of becoming pregnant.

What are the chance of becoming pregnant if there was pin holes in the condom?

It depends. Did the condom have spermicidal lubricant? How long did he stay inside after he came? How many holes did you poke in the condom?Chances of getting pregnant within a year with good condom use is about 15-20% [ie: of 100 typical couples using condoms and having regular sex for a year, 15 to 20 of them will get pregnant] Chances of getting pregnant within a year without any birth control is about 80%. Of course your chances for getting pregnant in a single encounter are much smaller, but someone wins the lottery every day.Don't be dumb. If the condom breaks or leaks, take Plan B. If you are deliberately poking holes in the condom to try and get pregnant without the guy knowing, well, there's no way to express how dumb, unethical, and wrong that is.Chances of having the life you expected after spermjacking a guy to either trap him in the relationship or have his baby on your own: absolutely none.

You had protected sex and was careful about the condom you got your period on time and it was regular you are having bad headaches what are the chances of being pregnant?

99.9% of the time Period = not pregnant headaches are NOT a sign of pregnancy

Can you get pregnant if your on birth control and using a spermicidal condom?

It is always possible when having sex - the chances of getting pregnant with the two types of BC you are using together is very, very tiny.

How could you get pregnant if he always wears a condom?

By having sex with someone that does not wear a condom.

Was supposed to be having period now but am ovulating instead is it because of stress And had protected sex over a week ago condom didn't break. Chances of being pregnant?

About 3% if the condom was used properly, If not 15%.

Can you be pregnant and have a period eventhough you used a condom the correct way?

If you are having a period you can not be pregnant.

How does a girl get pregenant?

Having sex without a condom can make a girl pregnant as well as not putting on the condom properly, making the condom break.

I have been on birth control for 1 month and 2 weeks and Ihave never missed a day and the condom broke while having sex what are the chances that I am pregnant?

very slim

Can you still get pregnant if he didnt come and the condom doesnt rip or fall off?

No you can not get pregnant if he is wearing a condom while having sex even if he did come and ejaculate,

What are the Chances of getting pregnant while having your period?

ANSWERChances of getting pregnant during period are almost zero.

If he used a condom and pulled out as soon as he ejaculated could you be pregnant?

Probably not, but it is not impossible. Condoms properly used are considered to be about 95% effective. So there is a small chance of about 5% that it failed to work properly. If you need to ask this you should not be having intercourse. However you can get pregnant at any time any place if you are having intercourse, there is always a percentage of matter if he ''pulled" out, used a condom or just did it near you. It only takes one spermazoa.

Can you get pregnant having protective sex when stopping the birth control?

yes, if you use a condom and it breaks you can get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant from makeing out?

Your chances of becoming pregnant are 100% if you are having UNPROTECTED sex.

What are the chances of being pregnant if your having a regular period?

when a person is having unprotected sex, the chances of becoming pregnant are 100%, no matter what the regulation of periods or ovulation dates are.

Chances of getting pregnant if spermtouches lipsof vagina?

great chances of having your mum

If you wash semen with water if it falls on stomach are there any chances of getting pregnant if the water slides down?

There is ZERO possibility of getting pregnant that way. You can, however, get pregnant by having sex and not using a condom...sounds like "semen on the stomach" is referring to the pull-out method...and you can STILL get pregnant doing that.

What are the chances of getting pregnant after having gonorrhea?

Most people are able to get pregnant after having gonorrhea. If you don't want to be pregnant, use contraception.

What are the chances of a girl being pregnant if you use a male condom and pull out before ejaculation?

No chance at all. Theres no chance unless the condom was broken and then theres pre-cum but even then, the chances are 1 in a million. If you're this worried about having sex, then maybe you shouldn't be doing it. Because it doesn't seem like you have a basic understanding of it at all.

Can you get pregnant while you are not having your period?

Yes,the chances of you getting pregnant when not on your period are higher