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The credit of developing MBO goes to Peter Drucker.He emphasised that the performance of each job should be directed towards the achievement of whole business objectives.It is also known as management by motivation,managament by exception,management by results etc. * It focuses on goals & their achievement. * It includes long term & short term objectives. * the philosophy of MBO views the organization has a dynamic entity. * it gives emphasis on effective performance. * effective participation & involvement by each member is required to set up goals & its achivement. * it gives guidelines for appropriate systems,procedures,delegation of authority,allocation of resources etc. * periodic review of performance is an essential feature of MBO. * The technique of MBO establishes a community of interest &shared sense of vision among all the managers. # Setting objectives # developing action plan # conducting periodic review # performance appraisal


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MBO is management by objectives. This type of organization allows both the managers and the employees to choose objectives and define the way that they will reach those objectives.

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MBE Vs MBO (By Roshan Budhathoki, Nepal) MBO: Management by Objectives is a practice of management, which allows the employee in Goal setting process. This empowers employees MBE: Management by Exception is method of control. Manager interveve into the work of employees only when the work goes outside the prescribed scope, or when the work can not met the set standards, until that time the empoyee would be let free.

Importance of MBO: i. Develops result-oriented philosophy: MBO is a result-oriented philosophy. It does not favor management by crisis. ii. Formulation of dearer goals: MBO produces goals that identify desired/expected results. Goals are made verifiable and measurable which encourage high level of performance iii. Facilitates objective appraisal: Management by self-control replaces management by domination in the MBO process. Appraisal becomes more objective and impartial. iii. Raises employee morale: Participation, clearer goals and improved communication will go a long way in improving morale of employees. Such participation provides the opportunity to influence decisions and clarify job relationships with superiors, subordinates and peers. iv. Facilitates effective planning: Developing action plans, providing resources for goal attainment and discussing and removing obstacles demand careful planning. v. Acts as motivational force: MBO gives an individual or group, opportunity to use imagination and creativity to accomplish the mission vi. Key Result Areas: The emphasis in MBO is on performance improvement in the areas which are of critical importance to the organization as a whole. vii. Systems Approach: MBO is a systems approach of managing an organization. It attempts to integrate the individual with the organization and the organization with its environment. It seeks to ensure the accomplishment of both personal and enterprise goals by creating goal congruence. viii. Optimization of Resources: MBO sets an evaluative mechanism through which the con­tribution of each individual can be measured. ix. Simplicity and Dynamism: MBO is a non-specialist technique and it can be used by all types of managers. x. Multiple accountability: Every member of the organization is accountable for accomplishing the goals set for him.

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An effective planning tool to help the supervisor set objectives is Management by Objectives (MBO). MBO gained recognition in 1954 with the publication of Peter Drucker's book The Practice of Management. MBO is a collaborative process whereby the manager and each subordinate jointly determine objectives for that subordinate. To be successful MBO programs should include commitment and participation in the MBO process at all levels, from top management to the lowest position in the organization. MBO begins when the supervisor explains the goals for the department in a meeting. The subordinate takes the goals and proposes objectives for his or her particular job. The supervisor meets with the subordinate to approve and, if necessary, modify the individual objectives. Modification of the individual's objectives is accomplished through negotiation since the supervisor has resources to help the subordinate commit to the achievement of the objective. Thus, a set of verifiable objectives for each individual are jointly determined, prioritized, and formalized. The supervisor and the subordinate meet periodically to review the latter's progress. Communication is the key factor in determining MBO's success or failure. The supervisor gives feedback and may authorize modifications to the objectives or their timetables as circumstances dictate. Finally, the employee's performance is measured against his or her objectives, and he or she is rewarded accordingly. Hence, some of the key features of MBO are : Ø Emphasis on results rather than activities Ø Objectives for specific managerial positions. Ø Participatory or joint objective setting. Ø Identification of key result areas. Ø Establishment of Periodic Review System.

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MBO : A method whereby managers and employees define objectives for every department, project and person and use them to monitor subsequent performance.MBE: Managers only interfere when work goes out of scope or does not meet the required standards. Until then employees are left free to choose their decision and work.

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