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Technically, any computer that meets the minimum requirements is "Vista-capable". In reality, you may find the listed requirements too conservative to run Vista at an acceptable level.

Intel Pentium III or compatible @ 800 MHz

512 MB RAM

20 GB hard drive (Vista needs 15 for itself)

DirectX 9 compatible video card (actually, any video card that supports VESA will work)

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Does Windows xp work on Windows Vista?

depends on the computer there is a vist upgrade advisor on the Microsoft webpage here is the webpage: and that will tell you if your computer is capable of whatever OS of vista you can run

Where is computer on a 1990 dodge Colt Vista?

On my '87 Vista, the computer is under the driver's seat.

Why does your computer keep changing the screen resolution in vista?

Answering "Why does your computer keep changing the screen resolution in vista?"

Can you play computer games on a vista computer?


Where is my computer on vista computer?

start>computer(right side in the middle)

How you can format your computer windows vista without CD?

how i can format my computer windows vista withut cd..............please kindly tell me. how i can format my computer windows vista withut cd..............please kindly tell me.

How do you get Vista to run on a computer with no video card or no processor?

You cannot run Vista (or an other operating system) on a computer that has no processor.

If a computer performs better with Windows XP than with Windows Vista then what is the benefit of Windows Vista?

There really is no benefit in using or having Windows Vista on your personal or business computer.

Characteristics of hybrid computer?

characteristics of hybrid computer

What are different characteristics of the computer?

what are the different characteristics of computer?

What is 3rd genaration computer?

it is vista

Where is my computer in Windows Vista?

It is just called Computer in Vista and it is located on the right side of the Start Menu under Recent Items.

Can I use a usb stick to speed up my vista computer?

A USB stick will not do anything towards speeding up your computer or Vista.

Is vista xp a type of computer?

"Vista XP" is not a computer type. Vista and XP are both previous versions of the Windows operating system. The current version of Windows is Windows 8.1.

How do you install Windows Vista on a computer that has windows xp?

You should buy an upgrade version of Windows Vista however your computer if running XP is likely not to be powerful enough to run windows vista. You should run Microsoft Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor before upgrading as this will show you any problems your computer may have running Vista.

How can you delete Microsoft Narrator from a Vista Software computer?

How do I delete Microsoft Narrator from Vista ?

Does a SanDisk work on computer with vista?

Yes, it works with XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Does vista have to be on my PC to use the Vista GPS?

Yes Vista, XP or 2000 must be on your personal computer if you want to use the full capabilities of the Vista GPS.

Where can you purchase Windows Vista games?

Windows Vista games can be purchased right on your computer start menu. Windows Vista comes with its games built into the computer, more information is available online.

How can you take your themes off a windows xp computer and put them on a Windows Vista computer?

XP themes are incompatible with Windows Vista. dno

How do you copy a document from Widows ME to Windows Vista using a 3.5 floppy and Microsoft Word?

If the computer with Vista doesn't have a floppy disk drive, you won't be able to. You could, however, open the document on another computer and then save it to a CD or portable disk drive. Then you should be able to upload it onto the computer with Vista (if the computer with Vista has a Word program installed. But even if the computer with Vista doesn't have Word installed, you can still upload it, but you won't be able to view it.)

Can you run vista on a mac while running the mac OS at the same time?

On an Intel mac you can run parallels which is capable of running xp and vista.

What is a program compatible with Vista that will remove DRM from your aac music files?

Daniusoft Media Converter Ultimate, capable with windows vista windows 7

What are the Features of logo in a computer?

windows Vista

Can you play Lego loco on your vista computer?

Yes you can play it on Vista. You do have to change the color setting.