What are the characteristics of an organization?

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An organization (or organisation - see spelling

differences) is a social arrangement which pursues collective

goals, which controls its own performance, and which has a boundary

separating it from its environment. The word itself is derived from

the Greek word ὄργανον (organon) meaning tool. The

term is used in both daily and scientific English in multiple ways.

In the social sciences, organizations are studied by researchers

from several disciplines, the most common of which are sociology,

economics, political science, psychology, management, and

organizational communication. The broad area is commonly referred

to as organizational studies, organizational behavior or

organization analysis. Therefore, a number of different theories

and perspectives exist, some of which are compatible, and others

that are competing. * Organization - process-related: an entity is

being (re-)organized (organization as task or action). *

Organization - functional: organization as a function of how

entities like businesses or state authorities are used

(organization as a permanent structure). * Organization -

institutional: an entity is an organization (organization as an

actual purposeful structure within a social context)

The main characteristics or Features of organisation are as


Setting out the particular Goals: Delivered while using the

organization tend to be their long-life goals involving rewarding

production in addition to marketing their items. Additional goals

has to be proven through the supervision on occasion to aid in

addition to assistance this main aim.

Determining in addition to Enumerating those activities: As soon

as the aim can be decided on, the particular operations must

distinguish complete task included and it is break-up strongly

connected aspect pursuits that will are to be carried out by means

of in addition to person or maybe division or possibly a


Determining the particular Obligations: As soon as pursuits are

already collected based on similarities in addition to popular

functions, they should be structured by way of a distinct division.

Within the division, the particular sensible tasks need to be

allocated for you to distinct folks.

Denoting in addition to Allowing the particular Authority: The

particular power in addition to responsibility need to be very well

described and should correspond to each other. An in depth

connection among power in addition to responsibility need to be


Developing Authority Marriage: Soon after working out the

particular tasks in addition to delegations involving power, the

particular institution involving connection is done. That involves

deciding who'll behave below which, who'll be his subordinates,

what will be his span involving manage in addition to what will be

his rank inside company. Apart from these formal human

relationships, several everyday companies must also be


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