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there are two characterstics of BJT,one is input and output characterstics. The output is controlled by input .

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Why high noise in bipolar junction transistor?

In the case of Bipolar Junction Transistor current conduction is due to both holes and electrons. That's why noise is high in Bipolar Junction Transistor

Why ordinary transistor is known as bipolar junction transistor?

Transistor is known as bipolar junction becoz it has 2 pole. Input is given to the 2 junction and output is taken from to junction

What are the functions bipolar junction transistor?

A Bipolar Junction Transistor(a.k.a. a BJT or BipolarTransistor) is an activesemiconductor deviceformed by twoP-N junctionswhose function is amplification of an electriccurrent.

Is junction transistor and bipolar junction transistor are same?

Yes, the are different names for the same thing.

Which device have characteristics very close to that of an ideal current source?

a properly biased bipolar junction transistor

What BJT stand for?

BJT stands for bipolar junction transistor.

How do you test the bipolar junction transistor?

through the used of multi-tester

What is use of bipolar junction transistor?

amplifier, switch, oscillator, etc.

What is bipolar junction transister?

A: It is a transistor that when saturated it will conduct both ways

What are the leads of a transistor called?

For a bipolar junction transistor: * Emitter * Collector * Base For a field-effect transistor: * Drain * Source * Gate

What types of transistors are the following - BJT PCT UJT SBT FET GJT AJT DFT?

The BJT is the bipolar junction transistor, the PCT is the point contact transistor, the UJT is the uni-junction transistor, the SBT is the surface barrier transistor, the FET is the field effect transistor, the GJT is the grown-junction transistor, the AJT is the alloy-junction transistor, and the DFT is the drift field-junction transistor.

Do people use bipolar junction transistor today?

Yes people still use bipolar junction transistors today because of its high switching speed.

What is fixed bias of bipolar junction transistor?

fixed bias means not adjustable

What are the example current controlled device?

Bipolar junction transistor(BJT)

What is the correct current equation for a bipolar junction transistor?


Why bipolar junction transistor is called current controlling device?

When bipolar junction transistor(BJT) is operated under proper biasing large current flows through the BJT,thus it is called current operated device.

What the function of Transistor Bipolar?

The simplest mathematical model for the operation of the Bipolar Junction Transistor is as a current controlled variable current source (unless driven into either saturation or cutoff).

What is common collector bipolar junction?

A circuit in which the input signal is applied to its base and the collector is earthed (grounded) is known as common collector configuration of BJT (BiPolar Junction Transistor)

How can the bipolar junction transistor be used as a diode?

A: Yes it can but why ? This is frequently done when the diode is used for biasing purposes on another transistor and must be matched identically to the transistor's E-B junction characteristics. Thus 2 matched transistors are used with one just being used as a diode.

Is bipolar transistor is made up of one NP junction?

no, 2 junctions. NPN or PNP

How we check Bipolar junction transistor with digital multimeter?

By testing the C B E terminals.

Bjt and fet?

BJT is Bipolar junction transistor FET is Field effect Transistor It is a current controlled device It is voltage controlled device

Can fet be used as a transisitors?

No. The Field Effect Transistor is a different technology than the Bipolar Junction Transistor. That cannot substitute for one another.

Which configuration of bipolar junction transistor which will give both current gain and voltage gain?

1. In Bipolar Junction transistors, the type of configuration which will give both voltage gain and current gain is ?

What is a p-n-p junction?

A PNP transistor is a bipolar transistor formed by two opposing PN junctions in close proximity.