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What are the characteristics of electricity?

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power and static

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Characteristics of metals?

The characteristics of metals is that they are malleable, they conduct electricity and they have luster.

What is the characteristics of electricity?

its like a toaster

What are the characteristics of Lanthanides?

They are silvery metals that conduct electricity.

Characteristics of a metallic bond?

They are malleable, ductile, and can conduct electricity.

What are the characteristics of inventory planning?

electricity and water should be stored

What characteristics are needed to be an electrician?

Patience and know things about electricity

Can something be a insulator of electricity?

It can if it has the proper characteristics that define what an insulator is.

What are characteristics of energy?

Energy is warm, turned into electricity, is invisible, and has no color.

Is metal a good conductor of electricity?

Yes, that is one of the characteristics of metals.

What are the characteristics of static electricity?

it is a high drow pole,high drow

What are the characteristics of current electricity?

One of the characteristics of the current electricity is that AC indicates alternating current whereas the DC indicates direct current. Another characteristic is that they function between 1 and 3 convectional phases.

What elements are shiny and malleable and conduct heat and electricity?

Metals have those characteristics.

What are some physical characteristics about gold?

solid, shiny, good conductor of electricity

What does the splitting of atoms generate electricity?

because it releases some peculiar characteristics

Characteristics of organic and inorganic compounds?

Some characteristics of organic compounds are that many are gases or solids that have low melting points and they do not conduct electricity. Some characteristics of inorganic compounds are almost all are insoluble inorganic solvents, they do form ions that can conduct electricity, and most have high melting points.

Three characteristics of metals?

Conduct electricityHigh melting pointAre not soluble in water

Name three characteristics of most metals?

Most metals share various characteristics. Three of such characteristics include being insoluble in water, solid at room temperature and good conductors of electricity and heat.

Why can't rubber conduct electricity?

Well, rubber can be made to conduct electricity - your car tyres have a lot of carbon in their construction (to improve their wear characteristics) and this will make the tyres conductive. Which helps get rid of static electricity.

What are three metal characteristics?

it is malleable, a good conductor of electricity forgot solid at room temperature

What are the three characteristics of most nonmetals?

They have luster, are good conductors of heat and electricity, are ductile and malleable.

What are the characteristics of metallic bonds?

well mainly they are just metals that conduct electricity and do not dissolve in water!!!!

What are three characteristics of ionic compounds?

have high melting points, conduct electricity, and they have brittle crystals.

What has luster conducts heat and electricity and is malleable and ductile?

Congratulations! You have just defined the characteristics of a metal!

What are general properties of metalloids?

As their name suggests, metalloids possess characteristics of metals and nonmetals. Typical characteristics of metals include a shiny luster, some degree of malleability and an ability to conduct electricity or heat. Nonmetals are typically nonlustrous, brittle and poor conductors of electricity.

What are the five characteristics of a metal?

Metals are typically lustrous, malleable, ductile, and good conductors of heat and electricity.