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Characteristics is what people are like, personality traits. E.G. shy, outgoing, bold, funny etc.

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Q: What are the characteristics of people?
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What are human characteristics of France?

Well human characteristics are different from physical characteristics human characteristics mean stuff done by people and physical characteristics mean that they haven't been done by people they have been done already without anyone's help for example help by people.

What is a region defined by?

A region can be defined by geographical characteristics, the characteristics of the people living there, as well as functional characteristics.

What are the good characteristics of a gay person?

Gay people have exactly the same range of good characteristics that straight people have.

What are the characteristics of people born on July?

the characteristics of people born in July well you know you could talk to people born in July to find out your characteristics are or if your born in July just think about how you act or ask someone how you act.

What are the characteristics of the visayan people?

The Visayan people are native to the Philippines. Characteristics of them include being family oriented, as well as being deeply religious and a brave people.

Characteristics of famous people?


What is a list of the characteristics of life?


What are the characteristics of roman people?

they were thinkers

Definition of cultural characteristics?

Cultural characteristics are what distinguishes a certain group of people from another.

What are the characteristics of Thai music?

ME,Characteristics of thi music is organic that can use any people

What are the human characteristics of people in the Bahamas?

human characteristics are all of the building and the fake trees they have

What are the characteristics of Cupid?

The characteristics of Cupid are he is a baby and he makes people love each other.

What has the author Linda Bailey written?

Linda Bailey has written: 'Characteristics of unemployed people in Wearside' 'Characteristics of unemployed people in Tyneside'

What are the characteristics of african people?

african people have black skin

What are the characteristics of cuyunon people?

Well, the Cuyunon people are people. AKA homosapiens.

What are some Irish characteristics of the Irish?

the Irish are normal people we don't have any particular characteristics

What are the characteristics of Hera the Greek goddess?

Hera'a characteristics are being beautiful and people always have adored her

What are the characteristics of a democracy?

The people decides. (By voting)

What are some of the characteristics of democracy?

the people decide

What are the attributes of people working in the hotel?


What is the characteristics of a serf?

hard working people

How do physical characteristics influence where people live in Egypt?

how do physical characteristics influence where people live in Egypt Without your mom Egypt would be a desert.

What are characteristics of oligarchy?

The characteristics of an oligarchy include the act that the power is held in a very small group of people. The people in an oligarchical society usually have no say in what happens.

What are Ontario's physical characteristics?

ontarios physical characteristics are things such as trees or grass. Things that people didn't build.

What are the characteristics of choleric?

choleric people are leaders and directors. Their main characteristics are that they seek to be in control of situations to be on top and to be the best.