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Tully is the wettest town in Australia with an average rainfall of about 5 metres a year. The wettest place in Australia on average is Mt Bellenden Ker also in QLD with an average annual rainfall of 8312mm (over 8 meters). Waratah and Tullah, Tasmania and other various towns in Tasmania's west are considered to be the rainiest and most cloudiest/miserable places in Australia with Waratah receiving measurable rain on 246.5 days per year (so almost 'every day of the year') and Tullah on 250 days a year on average. But in the whole of Australia the rainiest and cloudiest place in Australia is macquarie island (which is a part of Tasmania) and it receives measurable rain on a whopping 313 days a year on average making it one of the most overcast places in the world. Clear days are extremely rare and may only happen once a month. So if its not raining, its either snowing or overcast.

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Q: What are the cloudiest and rainiest places in Australia?
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