Colonial America

What are the colonial trades?

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blacksmith cooper silversmith whitesmith shoemaker the tanner the hatterthe wheelwright etc.

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When did colonial trades originate?

Colonial trades originated when the Pilgrims came over on the Mayflower to the New World. They set up camps to trade for items needed to sustain life here.

Who does America trade?

America trades from the British colonial secs in the cultural diffusion

Trades and skills in Massachusetts during colonial times?

They traded crops and exported and imported goods.

What does a colonial merchant look like?

A merchant looks like a middle class person who trades with a robe.

What inspired Western European powers to conquer Southeast Asia?

Spices, other trades, and general colonial ambitions.

What are the economic resources of Rhode Island?

The chief trades in Rhode Island in the Colonial times were mostly fish and lumber.

What trades in colonial times depended on blacksmiths?

All trades depended on the blacksmith. One surprising trade that depended on the blacksmith is the milliner, but the milliner needed a manikin and a post to stabilize the manikin. That came from the blacksmith!

The middle classes in Colonial America consisted of?

The middle classes of Colonial America consisted of merchants, lawyers, and doctors. It also included those who worked in trades such as milliners, silversmiths, and blacksmiths.

What are some words used by colonial people?

jerkin petticoat parliment enumerated articles staple crops and triangle trades

What are some colonial trades?

farming, fishing, the slave trade, blacksmiths, and then the are the sailors the bring people from Eroupe to America. What else could they do????

Cooper in colonial times?

a colonial time cooper is a person who makes wheelbarells and who makes it home made barells from wood. A colonial cooper was a craftsman who made barrels and buckets out of wood look at this link for more info http://www.history.org/almanack/life/trades/tradecoo.cfm

What was colonial Connecticut like?

== == Colonial time Connecticut was very poor to begin with, but soon the tobacco help the colony expand and become prosperous. The trades were farming, metal work, and merchant goods. The colony was dependent on trade.

What were the trades and skills in the middle colonies?

The middle colonies of the colonial United States had much manufacturing. They also had many farms and shops that were professional in nature.

Southeast Asia first rose to prominence because?

Southeast Asia became important in the world for many reasons. The first of these reasons was the spice trades of the colonial times.

What was commonly traded in colonial New Jersey?

sorry this isn't an answer but I'm doing a project for school and i need an answer any1 have any idea 4 any trades @ all?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Does carpentry painting and electrical count as trades?

All three of those don't count as trades, as they aretrades.

What is the area of Trades?

The area of Trades is 7,900,000.0 square meters.

What role did apprentices play in the colonial economy?

Apprentices contributed to the colonial economy by learning trades. This preserved the knowledge attained by previous generations. It also gave children growing up a place to grow up and learn. It even gave shop owners a source of free labor.

What were the trades of Rhode Island?

the trades were corn, beef, cow, and pork

What are the most employable trades in Canada?

oil industry. ------ The oil industry does employ a lot of trades but the majority are employed elsewhere. Trades in demand include: machinists, electrical, high voltage, pipefitting trades, metal forming shaping and erecting, carpentry, mechanic trades, other construction trades, installers, repairers and servicers of all kinds.

When was Victorian Trades Hall created?

Victorian Trades Hall was created in 1859.

When was Trades Union Congress created?

Trades Union Congress was created in 1868.

When was London Trades Council created?

London Trades Council was created in 1860.

When was Ottawa Trades Council created?

Ottawa Trades Council was created in 1872.

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