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What are the companies who require debt collection agent?

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I believe I understand your question. They are called Collection Agencies. Hope this helps.

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What is a good debt collection service in Toronto?

There are several acclaimed debt collection service companies in Toronto, Canada. These companies include but are not limited to the Global Collection Consultants Debt Collection Services and the Ontario - Toronto Canada Debt Collection Agency Services.

What companies can be considered debt collection companies?

Debt collection companies are usually companies that specializes in pursuing the collection of debts owed by individuals or businesses. They operate as agents of creditors and collect debts for a fee or a percentage of the total amount that is owed by such individuals/companies.

What companies help with debt recovery?

National debt collection company, Collection agency, Rapid recovery solutions, National asset management are the companies that help with data recovery.

What companies provide debt collection software?

E-collections is a great leading company in the debt collection software industry. Pamar systems also provides a great debt collection software program.

Why are debt collection agencies calling you?

Usually debt collection agencies only call if you have not paid a bill to one of their clients. Sometimes they come from credit card companies, health care companies, or student loans.

What qualifications are needed to become a debt recovery agent in the UK?

None ! Debt recovery agencies simply 'buy' the debts from companies who are owed money - they then write to the customer or 'debtor' and tell them they will be taking steps to recover the debt. This can be either through the courts, or by doorstep collection.

What can a consumer do if faced with debt collection companies?

There are several options available for consumers facing debt collection. There are debt consolidation services available online and in worst case scenarios, there is always filing bankruptcy.

If the collection agency amount is more than the creditor amount which amount do you legally have to pay?

A collection agency legally require the amount of the debt, plus any other charges/penalties incurred in the collection of the debt.

How long is it before debt collection will be sent if someone does not pay off their credit card?

The length of time a debt collection is sent really depends on the credit card company. If they have attempted to make contact on various occasions with no resolve then the companies will often send out a debt collection notification, and also the companies will notify the credit bureaus.

Can an out of state debt collector sue you?

Yes, an out of state debt collector can sue you. Many debt collection agencies collect for companies located all over the country.

What are the names of some debt collection services?

There are many debt collection services. Examples of some companies are EOS Solutions, Credit Resource Solutions, Reliable Collections and Ultimate Credit Services.

When was The Debt Collection created?

The Debt Collection was created in 2005.

Does the creditor or the collection agency get the money you pay on a debt?

When a collection agency takes on a bad debt, in many cases they are "puchasing" the debt from the original creditor. When you then pay off the collection agency, your money will stay with that collection agency. This is the most common scenario, but some companies do have their own internal collection agencies (Capital One, for example, has their own collection subsidiary in Idaho - the Westmoreland Agency). Hope this helps!

Collection Agencies?

Collection agencies, their practices, and the rights of both their clients and debtors are often very misunderstood. When a collection agency begins the process of collecting against a debt, it is important that the debtor understand their rights, what is expected of them, as well as how the collection process works. Third party collection agencies are a party that have no real interest in the debt, the creditor, or the debtor. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act highlights the practices and methods that a third party collection agency may or may not use to secure payment against the debt. Collection agencies are allowed to attempt to make phone contact with a debtor between 7am and 9pm local time. A collection agent cannot reveal the nature of their call to anyone who identifies that they are not the debtor. If asked, however, they must provide the company’s name. Many companies will have their agents abbreviate the company name over the phone to help protect privacy. Once in phone contact with the debtor, the collection agent may make payment arrangements against the debt or they may demand payment in full. A third party collection agent cannot speak to the client directly and may speak only to the debtor, their spouse, parent if the debtor is a minor, or power of attorney. If a debtor does not wish for the collection company to continue calling their home phone, cellular phone, or work telephone, they will need to provide a request in writing to the collection agency asking for the calls to that number or combination of numbers to cease. A collection agent is not allowed to use profane or abusive language when speaking to a debtor and must always identify the nature of the call. If a debtor has already filed or plans to file for bankruptcy and the stated debt will be covered in the proceedings, they should notify the collection agent. If the debtor has an attorney for the matter, the collection agent may ask questions to gather information about how to contact the attorney in the matter.

Do collection agencies offer discounts on debts?

That might be a bit optimistic, but possible. A collection agency will sometimes 'buy' debts from other companies, companies who consider the debt uncollectable. Maybe they just don't have the people or resources to pursue it, etc. So rather than writing the debt off completely, it is sold at a percentage of the total value, to a collection agency. This collection agency now pursues the debt. They may consider accepting a smaller payment from the debtor, as long as they are making a profit on the whole. However you will tend to find that the agency is most definately after a full payment, plus interest. If the agency is acting as a first or third party agent (pursuing the debt under the instruction of the owed company) then they may not be able to accept anything less because of their obligation to the company they are acting as an agent of.

How do debt consolidators eliminate debt?

Debt consolidation companies do not eliminate debt. Do not confuse this with debt settlement. Consolidation companies simply merge all of your debts together into one payment a month that you make to them and sometimes lower interest rates. Debt settlement companies, however, negotiate directly with your creditors/collection agencies to settle debts for a lower, agreed upon, lump sum. This in turn gets you out of debt quicker.

Can a debt be passed from one debt collection agency to another?

Yes - absolutely a debt can be passed from one debt collection agency to another.

Do you still need to pay a company if you are paying a collection agency for the charged off debt?

No, as they are the legal agent of the original Creditor and the arrangements made with the collection agency are binding on the original Creditor.

What is the statute of limitations for debt collection in Michigan?

There is no statute of limitations for debt collection in Michigan. You can continue to collect as long as the debt is owed. The debt can be sold as well.

Where can one find information on business debt collection?

One can find information on business debt collection in online articles and guides on business debt collection. In addition, one can find more information on business debt collection through one's peers.

Once a debt is given to a collection agency can you get the creditor to take it out of the creditor's hands?

Once a debt has been sold to a collection agency, that agency owns the debt. Now it would be between you and the collection agency to settle the debt; the creditor has washed his hands of the matter. If you think the debt collection agency isn't working within its legal limits and is harrassing you, check out the Fair Debt Collection Act, which outlines was a collection agency can and cannot do.

What purpose does the International Debt Collection serve?

The International Debt Collection Agency is a debt collection agency designed to collect debts from debtors that have not paid for goods supplied or services rendered. Debt collection agencies are designed for debt recovery, and speak on behalf of the company to which the debt is owed to work out a settlement between the debtor and the creditor.

What can a collection agent do if you can't pay the debt?

Depends,how is the amount of debt. if amount is low,only warning should be placed to debter. But if amount is big enough,then they can bully on you. Depends on the situation,how you tackle it.

Where can one get help with business debt relief?

One can find help with business debt relief at specialized companies and agents. It is recommended one contacts a debt relief agent in order to get the best help and advisory.

Where can one find a list of debt collectors in the UK?

There are sites online that advertise their debt collection business. Some of these Debt Collectors are UK Debt Collection, Debt Recovery UK, Debt Collect and Debt Recovery Plus.

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