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Solar hot water heaters need sunlight to work. While you can store the heat and create closed loop systems that protect the system from freezing, the use of solar hot water heaters really makes sense if you have full sun exposure and are willing to moderate your usage. It also may cost more to install a domestic solar hot water system. These can run on 12v oe 11v for the pump, or you could go passive- there are many different types and options. Check Home Power mag. Electric hot water systems come in two flavors; tank and tankless. For electric tank systems, the cost of heating water with electricity can be quite large. These tank heaters store hot water and are using electricity just to keep the tank warm. This is not very efficient even with insulating blankets. Once you run out of hot water in the tank(as cold rushes in) your shower is over. The heater itself is usually inexpensive. Plumbing is straignt foward, with 30 to 40 amp 220V feed required. Tankless water heaters or "on demand" water heaters (both gas and electric) are fantastic! They are the least expensive to operate, and fairly simple to install. The electric tankless heater requires no exhust ducting and is perfect for under the counter usage or with larger units can heat the water for an entire home. The tankless design never runs out of water! These are perfect for solar installations that may encounter weeks of cloudy weather. The units are more expensive than tank heaters, and usually require 220v service (if electric). if your doing reseach on this great if not get a life losers

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Can electric baseboard heaters be painted?

Yes, electric baseboard heaters can be painted.

Are propane heaters better than electric heaters?

Propane heaters have a better rating than electric heaters. This is due to the lower cost of ownership.

Does electric water heaters have carbon monoxide?

Electric water heaters have not carbon monoxide.

Were there electric heaters in 1940?

Yes there was I can find records of electric heaters as early as 1880's and some records show that electric heaters had become "practical" by 1892.

Are electric baseboard heaters safe for pets and babies?

My new house as electric baseboard heaters. Are they safe for pets and babies?

What are the advantages of baseboard heaters?

There are advantages of having a baseboard heater. Baseboard heaters can help keep your home warm. Baseboard heaters can help cut your heating bills down.

What advantages does electricity have over gas?

If there is shortage of gas, we can use electric heaters and we can make the food warm in the microwave oven instead of the stove.

What are the advantages of ceramic heaters over other types of heaters?

The advantages of ceramic heaters over other types of heaters are that ceramic heaters are more efficient, so they produce more heat for less money. Ceramic heaters also provide faster heat instead of a warm up time.

Do electric fan heaters and an electric oil column heaters both produce the same heat for the same power input?


What are the advantages of propane heaters?

Propane heaters cost less to run per hour.

Do heaters increase humidity?

Older style kerosene heaters do increase humidity. Electric heaters do not - they tend to reduce humidity.

Does Rheem manufacture both gas and electric water heaters?

"Rheem does manufacture both gas and electric water heaters. Rheem currently offers 18 different varieties of gas water heaters and 9 different varieties of electric water heaters. Both types of Rheem water heaters are known for their rigorous standards, reliability, and efficiency."

Are oil space heaters better than electric heaters?

An oil filled electric space heater produces a more "even" heating without the hotspots that standard electric space heaters can produce. Also it is not possible for something poked into the oil filled electric space heater to touch the electrical heating element wires as is possible in standard electric space heaters (which would shock you).

Where can one look for different electric baseboard heaters?

I am renewing my heater system because it is old. Where can I get more information on electric baseboard heaters?

Examples of thermal energy?

electric heaters

Are electric heaters bad for you?

nothing wrong with it

What is the top electric hot water heaters company on the market today?

One of the best electric hot water heaters on the market is Reliance Lowboy and Reliance 80 gal. The are sold at Ace Hardware. There is a web site that rates hot water heaters and that is They list all the top rated electric and gas hot water heaters.

Where are Kenmore electric water heaters made?


What are some of the best rated brands of electric stove heaters?

Some of the best rated brands of electric stove heaters include the Dimplex Electric Flame stove, the Merlin Electric Heater Fireplace and the Bionare fireplace Heater stove.

what make the best patio heaters, electric, gas or propane heaters?

Propane are the best, they throw out a lot of heat

Are gas water heaters better than electric?

Gas water heaters are better than electric water heaters. Although they are not exactly or completely environmentally healthy, they do save you a lot more money and heat up much better.

The element of an electric heater is made of?

the heating element used in electric heaters is made of nichrome.

What are the advantages and disadvantage of butane?

The advantages of Buthane is said to be predominatley used for mobile heaters and it is mainly used for potable heaters , camping and barbecueing and leisure things(etc) in the warmer months.

How do you find the electrical test procedure for electric heaters?


What is a good brand of electric heaters?

mistral mitsubishi electrolux