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Q: What are the comparative and superlative forms of the word odd?
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What is the comparative or superlative of Odd?

Oddly enough, the comparative of Odd is Odder; the superlative is Oddest, and the adverbial is Oddly.

What is the comparative form of odd?

Positive=Odd Comparative=More Odd Superlative=Most Odd

What is the comparative form of the word odd?


Positive connotation for the word odd?

There is more of a negative connotation with that. A better word would perhaps be unique or unusual.

Simile for it was an odd word pride?

It was an odd word like pride

What is a good sentence with the word odd?

That person has an odd personality. That building looks odd. What an odd hairstyle!

What is the odd word out of teaspoon lighthouse playground happiness newspaper?

The odd word out is 'happiness', it's not a compound word.

Is the word odd a common noun or proper noun?

The word "Odd" is an adjective. Adjectives are words that Describe nouns, and make Verb Forms which qualify an action. Examples: James is in an Odd mood. In this sentence "Odd" is an adjective describing what kind of mood James is in. "Mood" is a noun. James acts Oddly sometimes. "Odd" has an "LY" ending, to make it a verb form qualifying the verb "acts". The verb and the verb form combine to make the "Predicate", or entire verb.

What is a synonym for the word odd?

Synonyms for the word odd include strange, peculiar, queer, bizarre.

Cleavage of copper?

Copper does not have cleavage; rather, it forms odd-shaped masses, buggests, or dendritic forms.

What is the french word for odd?

impair for odd as in uneven or étrange for strange, odd, weird, peculiar

What is the word for an odd number of factors?

Square numbers have an odd number of factors.