What are the component of the grapevine?

A grapevine is an informal talk between people/employees about a topic. It could be a discussion on a perticular hot and happening topic ,as the news spreads, the news looses its originality and the complete sence and meaning changes as people interpret the news or discussion in different ways and communicate it further. This becomes a roumour and thus it is called a grapevine. It originated during the war time in Asia and other countries when people used to wait for news from the government regarding the war and the latest news on the enemy, as there were no reliable sources of communication, the news spread through word of mouth which added many more substances to the news that it used to loose its significance.

Components of a grape wine could be:

1. Peoples openion
2. Different perspective
3. Presumptions
4. Own ideas and beliefs
5. Knowledge or half knowledge
6. Word of mouth
7. Discssions and forums.