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If you stalk someone and they catch you, you can go to jail.

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What are the consequences for cyber stalking?

Ur email account or any accounts online can get suspended, u can and will go to jail.

What is the consequences for poaching in Canada?


What are the consequences of doing cocaine in Canada?

you can get arrested and charged

Sentences with the word 'stalking'?

The lion was stalking the prey.

What are the release dates for Bitten - 2014 Stalking 1-7?

Bitten - 2014 Stalking 1-7 was released on: Canada: 22 February 2014 USA: 24 February 2014

What are the consequences of bullying according to the Anti bullying Bill of rights?

A majority of states have laws that explicitly include electronic forms of communication within stalking or harassment laws.Most law enforcement agencies have cyber-crime units and often Internet stalking is treated with more seriousness than reports of physical stalking. Help and resources can be searched by State or area.

How many cases of stalking are there each year in Canada?

Google says around 20,00. I am not quite sure if this is correct.

What is the consequences of well water?

Your meaning is unclear. -Millions of people across America and Canada use well water for everything with no "consequences"

What is stalking in this sentence ''A lion was stalking an antelope in high grass''?

Stalking is a verb in the sentence.

Is stalking a criminal offense?

Yes stalking is a criminal offense in many states. You can be charged with severe punishment due to stalking. You should not do stalking. This is bad thing you should not.

What are the release dates for Look Who's Stalking - 2013 Ryan Starts Stalking?

Look Who's Stalking - 2013 Ryan Starts Stalking was released on: USA: 2013

What is the word 'stalking' when translated to Afrikaans?


When was Stalking Santa created?

Stalking Santa was created in 2006.

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Where can one find out more about cyber stalking?

You can find out more about cyber stalking in the internet. There are forums people talking about cyber stalking. There are an article from Marshall Unviersity talking about cyber stalking.

How many pages does Stalking Darkness have?

Stalking Darkness has 512 pages.

How many pages does Stalking the Angel have?

Stalking the Angel has 288 pages.

How many pages does Stalking the Nightmare have?

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The duration of The Stalking Moon is 1.82 hours.

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What are the differences between real world stalking and cyberstalking?

Real world stalking is when someone is physically stalked. Cyber stalking is stalking over the internet, usually on social media sites or via email, etc.

What are the consequences of not paying a Canadian speeding ticket if you live in Illinois?

You will never get back into Canada again.

What is the meaning of stalking?

Stalking is Following someone, Or Constantly checking what theyre doing

When was Stalking Cat born?

Stalking Cat was born on 1958-08-27.