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***Most cases are based on a conviction with a fine and/or jail time. Some are refused owning any animals again.

you would go to court to see if your case was bad enough but they aposer needs proof and the deffendant would lose ownership of the animals and a warrant would alow people to go and take the animals to an animal shelter where they would HOPEFULLY be adopted but a loving and caring person!!!!!!!!!!

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What is your recommendation about animal abuse?

The recommendation about animal abuse is that it should be reported. There are guidelines and consequences regarding animal abuse in most areas that should be adhered to.

What might be the legal consequences of animal abuse?


What is the effect on animal abuse?

Tragic consequences on an epic scale await the ignorant species causing the declination of their own support.

What are the effects of animal abuse?

the effects of animal abuse is dying or the animal is taken from animal abuse organizations or charities.

Is neglect animal abuse?

Yes, neglecting an animal is animal abuse.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of animal abuse?

There are no advantages to any animal abuse case. The disadvantages of animal abuse include death of the poor animal.

Can animal abuse be supported?

no animal abuse is a bunch of bull

Can you get arreseted for animal abuse?

yes. animal abuse is illegal

What year had the most animal abuse?

the year with the most animal abuse is every year,many people like to abuse animal in diffrent ways.Overbreeding and poching animal are some of our main parts of animal abuse.

What is intentional animal abuse?

Intentional animal abuse is abuse that someone inflicts on animals on purpose.

What is the definetion of animal abuse?

animal abuse is being mean to an animal for no apparent reason

Is there any confusion between animal abuse and hunting?

Abuse is abuse, no matter what species, and abuse has criminal consequences. Hunting for food or due to over population isn't considered animal abuse to many, and many advert their eyes to such practice. Poaching or illegal hunting is animal abuse, because of animals endangered of being extinct. If animals becomes extinct there's a disruption in the food chain, and that will cause major problems in our ecosystem. Some believe hunting is abuse, but if it were not for hunting many species would already be extinct "including humans". Depends a lot on whether the animal wasn't humanely killed while being hunted or if the animal was abusively tortured before it was killed, that would be considered animal abuse.

What causes animal abuse?

physco people cause animal abuse.

Where in Canada does Animal Abuse Happen?

animal abuse can happen any where

How do you start a speech about animal abuse?

if a man hits a animal then the animal abuse will start right from there.............

How is pollution a form of animal abuse?

well actually littering is also animal abuse. the polluted air get into the lungs of animal and vwala. animal abuse. also littering cancause an animal to not have a home.

How severe can animal abuse get?

Animal abuse can range from taunting to teasing to physical abuse. Sometimes it can result in death.

What are some good things about animal abuse?

there is not much good about animal abuse

Consequences of drug abuse?

You will get jail for many years.

What are the consequences of not reporting abuse?

there are many consequences. but the worst is knowing that someone is in danger and not doing anything about it. don't get me wrong its extremely hard to report abuse but it will get better with time.

When someone posts a picture of a puppy hanging by a string is that concidered animal abuse?

Is it considered abuse to hang a human being by a rope/string? Yes. The people who are in that picture desperately need consequences, i have seen it and it makes me sick.

What is the background of animal abuse?

Child abuse.

Is horse slaughter considered animal abuse?

Why Wouldn't it be if you hurt an animal on purpose repeatedly then its counted as animal abuse!

What is a good title for a PowerPoint on animal abuse?

A good title would be Animal Abuse

When has animal abuse been the worst?

since 1987 animal abuse had been discoved