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See related links for lots of "secrets" and interesting places found in Google Earth.

Also try searching for "secrets google earth" in any search engine (like Google) and you'll see lots of hits.

If you mean "secret" or hidden features in Google Earth (also known as "easter eggs") then see related questions.

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Q: What are the coordinates for secrets in Google Earth?
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What are the coordinates for the book of the dead on google earth?

Coordinates can be found in related link.

What are the coordinates of Seattle?

Work it out from a map or Google Earth. Don't be lazy.

How do you get the coordinates on Google Earth?

First you need to enable the Status Bar in the View menu of Google Earth. With that option checked, the latitude and longitude coordinates will be displayed in the status bar below the map. When you move the mouse the coordinates for that location will be displayed.

What sote can i insert coordinates and gat a location?

Bing Maps Google Earth

What is exact location of US in degrees?

According to Google Earth, the coordinates are 37.0902° N, 95.7129° W

How do you find Nintendo on Google Earth?

Nintendo's main headquarters is in Kyoto, Japan which you can find in Google Earth by entering the coordinates (34°58′11.89″N 135°45′22.33″E).

How do you get map coordinates from Google maps?

You cant but, you can look at a map to estimate the coordinates!

How do you find the coordinates of your house on Google Earth?

You can jump to your house by entering the address in the search tool in Google Earth. Once your house is located you can mouse over it to see the latitude/longitude coordinates in the status bar (which is located just below the map). If the status is not showing you can check that option in the View menu.

Where is the location of fly to on Google Earth 6.2?

The explicit fly-to tab that existed in Google Earth 6.1 (and earlier versions) has been removed in Google Earth 6.2 and replaced with a simpler/more powerful interface.Typing in an address or coordinates then clicking search or pressing enter will automatically fly to that location.

How do you find anything on Google Earth?

If you have an address, city name, or just latitude/longitude coordinates then you can fly to that location in Google Earth. Just enter the address or coordinates into the Search/Fly-to text box in the sidebar.You could also do advanced queries such as "hotels near Paris" to display hotels near the city of Paris. The same queries that work in Google Maps work in Google Earth.If don't have a particular location in mind, but you want to browse many of the interesting finds in Google Earth by category then there are numerous published lists available. For example, check out the Google Earth Community (GEC) forums.

What country is seventeen degrees south sixty five degrees west?

I used Google Earth to locate those coordinates, which is in Bolivia.

Where can you put in the coordinates of a place and see a map of that place?

i reccomend google earth. you would have to download it to you computer/laptop though, but its worth it

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