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No one answer to this one....match what your cable box has with what your TV has. HDMI is the name of the newest standard, DVI was its predecessor. If you have a mismatch adapters may be obtained on your own, unlikely the cable company will provide assistance to that level. You can get by with using the component in/out connections, these are the red, green and blue plugs/ports you see on the box and your TV. It will work, just not as good of a picture quality to the discerning eye.

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Q: What are the correct cables for HDTV cable TV?
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What is the best way for me to hook my HDTV satellite to my TV?

Try hooking your HDTV to your satellite via HDMI cable. If that doesn't work, consider analog component cables.

Why cant i play my PS3 with my AV cables anymore i used to be able to but after i used a HDMI cable the AV cable isn't working i know neither the PS3 cable or TV are broken?

You have to go to your settings and correct them. You no longer will have HD capability with the A/V cables that came with the PS3. You really have no reason to use the A/V cable with a HDTV. The A/V cable will only give 480i or standard TV. Decent HDMI cables can be found at a reasonable or sale price and if thy don't work perfect just return and exchange them

Do you need a HD tv for a PS3?

No, you do not. The PlayStation 3 comes with an A/V cable (the cable that has the red, yellow, and white cords) which hooks up perfect to a TV with those slots, HDTV or not. You can buy, however, cords that are HDTV compatible only, with an HD picture (as A/V cables do not support HD).

What kind of monster component cable should I get for my 480p high definition TV?

Monster Gamelink component video cables enable HDTV will be a good choice.

How do you hook up your ps3 with out an internet connection?

Plug it into your TV with the cable that came with it or if you have a HDTV buy a HDMI cable and plug that into your HDTV and PS3.. Plug the power in and turn it on. You should see it on your TV screen and if not turn your TV to the same input you plugged the PS3 into. Owners of the 720P HDTVs or those without HDMI can buy PS3 component cables with 5 color coded connections that use RCA plugs for the HDTV inputs. Both the HDTV 1080p and 720 HDTV owners can connect with the A/V cable that came with the PS3, but then it will be standard 480i from your PS3

Could your ps3 work without a HDTV?

Yes the cable for the A/V connection that comes with a PS3 is for a standard TV. In order for your HDTV to get an HD connection from your PS3 you must purchase an optional A/V cable (HDMI or PS3 Component). The HDTV will still be able to provide you will a standard 480i picture using the A/V cables that come with the PS3 for your connection

Cables needed to hook up Blu-ray DVD to regular TV?

Blu-Ray players will NOT work on standard definition TVs. They will only work on an HDTV and that requires an HDMI cable

How do you get the best out of your sony LCD tv?

Give it a good signal, using good cables. Doesn't matter whether or not you've a signal from an antenna, cable box or satellite dish or DVD. If it's an HDTV, of course, providing a HDTV signal is even better.

What do you need to decode your cable at your tv?

You must have a HDTV converter box from your cable company.

What cables are what for ther ps3?

The charging cable is a mini USB on one end and is used to set up the controller and can also be used to charge it. The A/V cable connects to the TV for 480i standard TV and you can use optional HDMI cables for HDTV. There is also a Power Cord for the electrical outlet. If you want a wired internet connect you can purchase an ethernet cable to set up a wired connection to the internet

What kind of different TV cables are there?

There are five different types of TV cables one could use for their system. These are component video cables, composite cable, coxial RF cable, s-video cable, DCI and HDMI cables.

How do you hook up red white and yellow rca cables when there is no yellow spot but blue and green?

The yellow cable is for video and the red and white are for audio. To connect to a HDTV and receive a HD signal you need to connect 3 video cables. The yellow cable will not get you an HD connection and only a Standard TV connection. Some HDTVs have component, S video plug, and/or HDMI plugs. Since your HDTV does not have a yellow plug slot we know you do not have the component HD connection with the 3 RCA type connections for Video. You may need to purchase new cables to connect your device to the HDTV. If both your HDTV and the device have HDMI plug slot purchase a HDMI cable from any large retail store and install it.