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What are the counties that border the Potomac River in Maryland?


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St. Mary's, Charles, Prince George's, Montgomery, Frederick, Washington, Allegany & Garrett


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The Potomac River divides Maryland and Virginia (The Southern Border) , but Virginia does not own half of the Potomac River.

The Potomac River forms part of the border between Washington D.C. and Maryland.

the Potomac river is located in Maryland

The Potomac is the longest river in Maryland

Maryland/Virginia border, flows into the Chesapeake bayUnited States [West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia and District of Columbia]

The Potomac River separates Maryland and Virginia.

No, but it is on the north (Maryland) side of the Potomac River, on the border between Maryland and Virginia. It is about 30 miles SW of Baltimore, MD and about 70 miles north of Richmond, VA.

The dividing line between the states of Maryland and Virginia are the Potomac River, the District of Columbia (Washington, DC), and a line just north of due east from the Pocomoke River on the Delmarva Peninsula.

Washington D.C. is the capital city of the United States. The Potomac River forms part of the border between Maryland and Washington, D.C.

North America. It's located within the United States, on the border of Maryland and Virginia off the Potomac River.

The Potomac River forms most of Maryland's western boundary.

West Virginia is bordered by Virginia to the southeast, Kentucky to the southwest, Ohio to the northwest, Pennsylvania to the north and Maryland to the northeast. The Ohio River is the border on the west. The North branch of the Potomac River is part of the border on the Northeast. The Big Sandy River is part of the Southwest border.

The Potomac River and the Atlantic Ocean.

Chesapeake Bay,Susquehanna River,Potomac River

The two colonies that were located next to the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay were Maryland and Virginia.

When a state has borders so irregular as West Virginia's, you can generally figure that rivers mark those borders.The Ohio River is the State's western border with Ohio.The North Branch Potomac River and the Potomac form the border with Maryland.A portion of the WV's southeastern border with Virginia follows the Horsepen River and Low Gap Branch.The Tug Fork River and Big Sandy form the State's southwestern border with Kentucky. The Tug Fork also marks a portion of southern border with Virginia.

W virginia, virginia and maryland

There are a number of major rivers in Maryland. These include the Potomac, Pataapsco, Blackwater River, Susquehanna River,?æand the Patuxent.

The Potomac River to its mouth in the Chesapeake Bay; from there Virginia's eastern border is the Atlantic Ocean

The Potomac River flows from in a generally northwest to southeast course. The Potomac begins at Fairfax Stone West Virginia and opens into the Chesapeake Bay at Point Lookout, Maryland.

The border state of Maryland remained in the Union during the US Civil War and was a slave holding state. Washington DC is surrounded by Maryland and by the Potomac River.

5-7 miles on average 11 at the mouth of the Chesepeake Bay in Point Lookout, Maryland

No. The Mississippi River is in the center of the US, while Washington DC is between Maryland and Virginia, on the Potomac River.

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