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Spain Mexico US Guatemala Honduras El Salvador Nicaragua Costa Rica Panama Colombia Venezuela Ecuador Bolivia Paraguay Uraguay Chile Peru Dominican Republic Cuba

Also Argentina, and Belize (although the official language is English there). I disagree with including the US, although there are parts of the US where Spanish speakers comprise a majority (Southern Florida, the Texas and Arizona borders...).

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Q: What are the countries in which a majority of the people speak Spanish?
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Can people in Washington speak Spanish?

Some Washingtonians (both DC and the State) can speak Spanish, but the majority cannot.

How many more countries speak french than spanish?

more people speak spanish

What language do the people in Oceania speak?

spanish is the majority language in oceania.

Do people in California speak spanish?

There are quite a few people in California who speak Spanish, however, the majority of the population speaks English as a first language.

Why do they speak spanish in part of south America?

The majority of the countries in South America were colonized by Spain., hence the dominance of Spanish in S.A

What group of people lives and speak spanish in Venezuela?

Venezuelans live in Venezuela and the vast majority speak spanish (more than 80% of the population).

What countries in the world speak Spanish as their second language?

Probably every country has people that speak Spanish as their second language.

Why in new Orleans you heard people speak spanish on the streets?

Because some people either visit from Spanish-speaking countries or they emigrate from spanish-speaking countries.

How did Argentina start speaking spanish?

It was a Spanish colony. This is the same reason that the majority of the countries of Central and South America are Spanish-speaking...and the same reason people in the US speak predominantly English. A colonizing power will force its language on a colonial people.

What countries speak Spanish in the US?

The U.S. is a country, and therefore there are no countries within it that speak Spanish.

Why doesn't Chile speak Spanish?

Chileans do speak Spanish; it is the official language of Chile.

Why do they not speak spanish in South America?

They do speak Spanish in many South American countries. However, in some countries Portuguese is the official language. Many people can also speak a secondary language.

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