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What are the countries that are touching the equator?

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Information on countries near the equator?

The countries near the equator are hotter the the countries farther from the equator

Which North-American countries does equator passes through?

Oh! NONE; neither through North nor Central America; the imaginary line named equator "cuts" the North of SOUTH AMERICA, "touching" three countries only: ECUADOR, COLOMBIA, BRAZIL.

How many states are on the equator?

No U.S. States are on the equator. You may be thinking countries? 13 countries are on the equator.

What is the country closest to the equator?

11 countries are right on the equator. Plus there are 2 more where the equator passes through their water territory.What countries does the Equator cross

What are some of the countries located below the equator?

There are many countries below the equator, such as Australia. Brazil and Chile are two Southern American countries located below the equator.

What country is closes to the equator?

There are many countries on the equator.

How many North American countries are below the equator?

No North American countries are below the equator.

What countries on the equator are mostly desert?

There are no countries on the equator that are mostly desert. Because the region of the equator is noted for its heavy rainfall, deserts do not occur there.

What do the countries have in common that are crossed by the equator?

any countries or land even ocean around the equator are all hot. the equator is the main area.

What are 3 continents that are located between the equator and the North Pole?

The ones not touching the equator are North America, Europe and Asia.

Which North American countries does the equator pass though?

The equator passes through no countries in North America.

Which country is closest to equator?

The equator crosses several countries.

What two countries are east of the equator?

There is no such thing as "east of the equator".

What Is Every Country On The Equator?

The Wikipedia article "Equator" has a list of countries and territories that lie on the equator.

Which are the countries away from the equator?

There are loads of countries away from the equatorfollow this pageWhat_country_is_not_located_on_the_Equator

What are the names of the rivers touching the equator?

Congo river, calaveres river, rurh

What countries are in equator?

The equator is not a country it is the middle of the earth. Hoped this helped

What three countries in south America have the equator passing through it?

The three countries in South America that the equator passes through are Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia. The equator passes through 14 other countries also.

Why are some countries colder than others?

The farther countries are from the equator the colder they will be than the ones closer, this is because at the equator the suns rays are more concentrated and the farther from the equator the countries are the less concentrated the rays will get.

Countries near the equator in the northern hemisphere?

The equator crosses 3 countries in South America, 6 countries in Africa, a countryin Asia, and the territorial waters of 3 or 4 Pacific island countries.Each of these has part of it on one side of the equator, another part of it on theother side of the equator, and territory that's right exactly on the equator. Soyou'd have to say that all 13 or 14 of them are the countries nearest the equatorin both the northern and southern Hemispheres.

What two countries are north of the equator?

There are more than 2 countries north of the equator. China and Columbia are 2 examples.

Five countries lies on the equator?

the five countries that lies on the equator are brazil,arab,jamaica,west aferica,and arab

What climate is most common in countries directly on the equator?

Tropical type of climate is most common in countries directly on the equator.

Why is there only one season in countries near the equator?

Countries near the equator are tropical and have 2 seasons, not 1. It's wet and dry, the countries with one season are countries are Antarctica.

What is the Latin American countries on the equator?

The three Latin American countries on the Equator are: Ecuador, Brazil and Colombia. The northernmost part of Peru is only a tenth of a degree away from the Equator.