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One of the cultural barriers involves the difference of languages spoken by the two sides. Religious practices are also other differences between the two.

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Do land disputes in southwest asia exist between israelis and palestinians?

Yes. There are land disputes between Israelis and Palestinians and the land in dispute is located in Southwest Asia.

What was a source of conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians?

The West Bank

Describe the relationship between Israelis and Palestinians?

Bad because the palestinians feel that israel is their land and israelis say it is their God promised land, and this causes alot of turmoil.

When did the armed conflict begin Between the Palestinians and the Israelis?

It began with religious conflict and Palestinians were not ready to accept peace.

Why are Israelis torturing Palestinians?

There is an ethnic and national conflict between Israelis and Palestinians and therefore there are several cases of Israeli Security Forces torturing Palestinians. Additionally, a number of the laws used in the Occupied Territories are subject only to Israeli Military Review which prevents Civil Law from taking action to prevent such abuses. However, it is incorrect to assume that all Israelis or even most Israelis torture Palestinians.

The conflict in Israel today is between which two religious groups?

It depends which "Conflict in Israel" the question is asking about. If it is asking about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, the conflict is, strictly speaking, between Israelis and Palestinians which are national groups, not religious groups. However, the majority of Israelis are Jewish and the majority of Palestinians are Muslim. (However, there are numerous Muslim Israelis, Druze Israelis, and there are both Christian Israelis and Christian Palestinians.) If it is asking about Israel's internal political conflicts, they are often between Secular Jews and Religious Jews.

Why is Israel killing Palestinians on a daily basis?

Israel is not killing Palestinians on a daily basis. There are certainly conflicts between Palestinians and Israelis, but during tentative peace between the conflicts, Israelis are not killing Palestinians. There are difficulties that Israel imposes on the West Bank through the Occupation and there are difficulties imposed on the Gaza Strip through the blockade, but these difficulties do not result in death, just severe inconveniences.The claim that Israelis are killing Palestinians on a daily basis is hyperbole used for its effect.

Strong differences about what issue are central to the ongoing dispute between Israelis and Palestinians?


The declaration of principles was an attempt to resolve conflicts between which two groups?

Israelis and Palestinians

Who is winning the armed conflict Between the Palestinians and the Israelis?

The Israel military occupation of the West Bank.

What is the issue between Jews and Palestinians?

The question as posed is improper. The issue is between the Israelis (not the Jews) and the Palestinians. Please see the Related Question below about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

In Norway president Clinton tried to negotiate an end to conflicts between the Palestinians and the what?

The state if Israel - the Israelis.

How did president Clinton try to secure peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians?

by inviting leaders to negotiate in the United States

How many Israelis killed and how many Palestinians killed since the state of Israel created?

If you do a search on the web of casualty numbers for all wars and conflicts between Israelis and Palestinians, you can find the numbers although there are many different reports on numbers especially on the Arab side which is less exact. I took the higher estimates for all and counted approximately 19,000 Palestinians killed by Israelis and 18,885 Israelis killed by Palestinians and other Arabs since the start of the conflict in the 1920s. Also note that a further 18,300 Palestinians were killed by other Arab groups (Black September, War of the Camps, etc.). The amount of Israeli casualties from only conflicts with the Palestinians ranges from 2,000-3,000 individuals.

What areas are a source of conflict between Palestinians and Israelis?

The areas of conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians are the entire former Mandate of British Palestine which includes Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. The strongest sources of conflict are in the latter two regions and the city of Jerusalem which is partially in Israel and partially in the West Bank according to International Law.

What are the main differences between the beliefs of the Palestinians and the Israelis?

Palestine The majority of Palestinians are Muslim, with a significant minority of Christians. However, many Christian Palestians have emigrated in recent years. There are probably few acknowledged atheists.IsraelThe majority of Israelis are Jews, including a significant minority of atheists. Some Palestinians were permitted to remain in Israel after independence and, once again, they are mainly Muslim.

Why are the Israelis and the Jews fighting?

There are isolated skirmishes between Religious Zionists and the Israeli Army. These come as a result of the Religious Zionists belief that Jews are promised all of the territory of the Land of Israel by God and therefore Palestinians are not entitled to any of it whereas the Israeli government has made concessions to the Palestinian Authority for peace. However, most of the confrontations are not between Israelis and Jews, but between Israelis (who are themselves mostly Jewish) and Palestinians. This conflict is described in more detail in the Related Question.

Who is the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict between?

It may surprise you, but the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is between the Israelis and their supporters on one side and the Palestinians and their supporters on the other side.

Are the Israelis and Palestinians fighting the Muslims?

No. Neither of them are fighting "the Muslims" as a group. Most Palestinians are Muslims anyway. The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is between two national groups: Israelis who are primarily Jewish against Palestinians who are primarily Muslim. However, neither Israeli nor Palestinian forces have declared that they are fighting Islam. There are numerous mosques in both countries where Muslim worshipers freely pray to God.

Is the conflict in Palestine between Jews and Muslims?

The dominant conflict in Palestine is between Israelis (who are predominantly Jewish) and Palestinians (who are predominantly Muslim), but the conflict is a political one, not a religious one.

What is the major disagreement between israel and Palestinians?

If the intended phrasing was Israelis and Palestinians (i.e. both groups of people), there are an incredible number of disagreements between the Israelis and Palestinians and I invite you to read more about them here. If I had to choose the most important of those disagreements, it would be that both Israelis and Palestinians wish to each create a sovereign nation where they have power to create a dominant religious/secular, cultural, and legal systems and are unwilling to cede to the other specific key areas of the territory that would be requisite for that.However, the question specifically phrases it as Israel and the Palestinians, (i.e. Israel as country or the government of that country and Palestinians as a group of people). The Israeli government has no issues with Palestinians per se; there are over 1.6 million Palestinian citizens of Israel and around 300,000 Palestinian permanent residents. The Israeli government, however, has a vested interest in keeping Israel as a state with a Jewish majority in order to preserve its identity and so the desire that the worldwide 11 million Palestinian population has to live in the lands under Israeli sovereignty necessarily threatens that goal. This results in antagonism between the Palestinians and the Israeli government, which has come to blows at several points in the history of Israeli-Palestinian relations.

What piece of territory is Arab-Israeli Conflict fought over?

It depends on the particular conflict, but the two territories most in contention between the Israelis and Palestinians are the Gaza Strip and the West Bank (including East Jerusalem). There is much contention between Israelis and Syrians over the Golan Heights and between Israelis and Lebanese there is some contention over the Shebaa Farms and the area south of the Litani River.

How many deaths fell in the Gaza war of 2009?

Between 1,166 and 1,417 Palestinians (of whom ca 700 were Hamas) and 13 Israelis (of whom 10 were soldiers) were killed.

What is the problem between the Jews and Muslims?

People often make the mistake that the conflict between Palestine and Israel is between Muslims and Jews. The truth is that not all Palestinians are Muslim, and not all Israelis are Jewish. The conflict is over land, not religion.

How many Israelis have been killed by Palestinians?

According to Betselem (an Israeli Rights organization that is often seen as being Pro-Palestinian by Israelis) the count of Israelis killed by Palestinians since 1987 (the beginning of the first Intifada) until late 2011 is 1,517 civilian deaths. Military deaths are more ambiguous because it is difficult to distinguish an Israeli death from a "Non-Palestinian Arab bullet" from a "Palestinian Arab bullet". The number, though is probably between 1,000-2,000.