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What are the current top selling NFL jerseys?


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The top NFL jersey sales from April 1 through August 28, 2009 are:

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1. Brett Favre, Minnesota Vikings

2. Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears

3. Troy Polamalu, Pittsburgh Steelers

4. Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles

5. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers

6. Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys

7. Mark Sanchez, New York Jets

8. Tom Brady, New England Patriots

9. Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings

10. Eli Manning, New York Giants

11. Terrell Owens, Buffalo Bills

12. Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts

13. Hines Ward, Pittsburgh Steelers

14. LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego Chargers

15. Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys

16. Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals

17. Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens

18. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons

19. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

20. Michael Crabtree, San Francisco 49ers


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