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The San Diego Chargers are a NFL football team. Established in 1960, the team is known for its star players LaDanian Tomlinson, Phillip Rivers, and head coach Norv Turner.

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San Diego Chargers

What is the San Diego Chargers mascot name?

Bolt Man

San Diego Chargers

What is the history of Chargers vs Colts?

For the past 5 years,right now 2010, Chargers have won 4 times, and the Colts have only won once

San Diego Chargers
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What year did the San Diego Chargers go to the Super Bowl?

In 1995 for Super Bowl XXIX. They lost to the San Francisco 49ers.

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San Diego Chargers
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How do the San Diego Chargers travel?

By private or chartered planes, trains and automobiles.

San Diego Chargers

Are any Chargers players Mormon?


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Who else was involved in the Eli Manning David Rivers trade?

Eli Manning was traded for the rights to sign Philip Rivers (who the Giants had just drafted) and 3 draft picks that the Chargers used on Shawne Merriman, Nate Kaeding, and Roman Oben. Rivers, Merriman, and Kaeding all reached the Pro Bowl.

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Who did the San Diego Chargers draft in 2002?

2002 San Diego Chargers Draft

1 (5, 5) - Quentin Jammer, Texas, DB

2 (7, 39) - Toniu Fonoti, Nebraska, G

2 (16, 48) - Reche Caldwell, Florida, WR

3 (6, 71) - Ben Leber, Kansas State, LB

4 (5, 103) - Justin Peelle, Oregon, TE

5 (7, 142) - Terry Charles, Portland State, WR

6 (6, 178) - Matt Anderle, Minnesota, T

7 (5, 216) - Seth Burford, Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo, QB

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San Diego Chargers
San Diego

Who did the San Diego Chargers draft in 2003?

2003 San Diego Chargers Draft

1st round (30th pick of round, 30th overall) - Sammy Davis, Texas A&M, DB

2nd round (14th pick of round, 46th overall) - Drayton Florence, Tuskegee, DB

2nd round (30th pick of round, 62nd overall) - Terrance Kiel, Texas A&M, DB

3rd round (16th pick of round, 80th overall) - Courtney Van Buren, Arkansas-Pine Bluff, G

4th round (15th pick of round, 112th overall) - Matt Wilhelm, Ohio State, LB

5th round (14th pick of round, 149th overall) - Mike Scifres, Western Illinois, P

6th round (15th pick of round, 188th overall) - Hanik Milligan, Houston, DB

7th round (15th pick of round, 229th overall) - Andrew Pinnock, South Carolina, RB

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San Diego Chargers

How many children does quarterback Philip rivers have?

Philip Rivers and wife, Tiffany, have eight kids and are expecting their ninth. The kids ages range from 3 to 16 years old. Halle 16 Caroline13 Grace12 Gunner10 Sarah8 Peter7 Rebecca 5 Clare3
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San Diego Chargers
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What are the San Diego Chargers options regarding Philip Rivers?

Well the Chargers just acquired AJ Feely from the Miami Dolphins. This gives the Chargers an experienced third string QB, or the backup if they decide to trade Rivers at the end of the year. Although Rivers came to the Chargers with a big contract, the Chargers, should they keep him, will only pay him $650K next year, so they will remain way below the salary cap. So one choice is to keep him. However Drew Brees has played extremely well in the past two seasons and I don't think the Chargers will let him go. So I think Rivers will be on the auction block at the end of the year going to the highest bidder. The longer they wait to trade him, the less valuable he is.

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How much does Cletis Gordon get paid?

For the 2006 season, Gordon received a base salary of two hundred seventy five thousand dollars and five thousand in bonuses.

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What is the difference between a travel charger and a regular charger?

Travel chargers tend to be smaller, and often plug into a different outlet, such as the cigarette lighter socket in a car or the USB port of a laptop. Regular chargers are often more stable, and may include a port for the item to be charged to rest in or on.

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Who owns the San Diego Chargers?

Alex G. Spanos, a Stockton, California businessman and real estate developer, has been the majority owner of the San Diego Chargers since 1984. George Pernicano, a local San Diego businessman, has owned a 3% share of the team since 1961.

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San Diego Chargers

Who was number 45 for the San Diego Chargers?

Pro Bowl kick returner/defensive back Leslie "Speedy" Duncan (1964-70) is the most famous player to have worn number 45 for the San Diego Chargers. Others who've worn that number include defensive backe Reggie Berry (1972-74), defensive back Hal Stringert (1975-80), defensive back Doug Beaudoin (1981), running back Anthony Steels (1985, 1987), fullback Joey Goodspeed (2002) and defensive back Robb Butler (2004).

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Famous hispanic baseball players?

One of my favorites is Juan Marichal. A pitcher from the Dominican Republic who played mostly for the giants but also played with the dodgers and red sox.

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What does spanish word san mean as in San Antonio or San Francisco?


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Who was the back up quarterback for the Chargers during the 1995 season?


Sorry, but Stan Humphries was the starter that year, obtained by Bobby Beathard from Washington in 1992, his backup and replacement in the 1995 season was Jim Everett. I hope this answers your query.

Gale Gilbert was the Chargers backup quarterback in 1995. Everett was a member of the Chargers in 1997.

San Diego Chargers

What is the chargers win loss record for 2009?

the chargers win-loss record for 2009 was 13-3

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Where was Antonio Gates born?

Detroit, Michigan

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Who was on the 1995 NFL Charger's roster?

Click on the '1995 San Diego Chargers' link below to see the roster of the 1995 Chargers.

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How come San Diego does not have the black 21 on their helmet?

San Diego does have the black 21 on their helmets.

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What does a super charger do?

A supercharger forces compressed air into your engine. Just like a turbo but a turbo is spooled up by exhaust gas a supercharger is wound up by a belt.

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San Diego Chargers

What teams has LaDainian Tomlinson played for?

LaDainian Tomlinson went to TCU his whole college career and got drafted from the San Diego Chargers[2001-2009].And then signed a contract with the New York Jets

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Video Games

How do you beat -charger escape?

1) click the broom reveiling a key, add it to ur inventory

2) go to ur right, open the purple box with the key

3) add the paper (instruction sheet) in to ur invntry

4) click the pair of black shoes, grab the horseshoe

5) grab the red apple on the top shelf to ur right

6) go to the room on ur right, grab the green apple and a carrot on the floor

7) click the wheelbarrow and get the yellow apple

8) click the chicken (with its eyes open) 2-3 times 'til it flies, grab the horseshoe before it lands

9) go to the room on ur rght (again) and grab the horseshoe on the floor

10) go back to the room with the purple box, open the doors and go inside

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grab the hammer

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13) close the door and press the red button, like it says on the side of the oven click 1 0 2 0 and OFF THE OVEN!

14) open the oven and use the pilars to grab the red hot horseshoe

15) use the hammer and hit the horseshoe it will become silver do the same with the other 2

16) grab the silver horseshoes and go back to the horse, feed it all the apples (it wont eat the carrot)

17) go to the room on ur left and put the horseshoes in the slots [tip( put the 1st horseshoe in the bottem right corner);]

18) leave the 1st horseshoe that was already facing up just like it was, click the one on top of that once, the one to the 2nd ones right click it twice, the one below the third one 3 times. (confusing) if u did it correctly summin'll happen

19) grab the star that fell (the thing that looks like a retarted rock) and go to the room with the oven. do the same thing u did with the horseshoes to the star except click 0 2 1 2 0 like it says on the instruction sheet

20) take the purple thing to the horse stable, click the sink (empty one) and fill it with water by clicking the huge button, put the purple thing in the water, SUPRISE!

21) if u wanna see sommin move ur mouse across the horn and see a star. Feed the carrot to the unicorn. Go to the chicken coop and u'll see a star in the window, click it and grab the spade behind the chicken. get a scoop of the stuff in the bag next to it.

22) Put it in the sink without the water and wacth wat happens

23) Go to the room with the chickens and look in the window. Click the star.

24) Where the chicken has moved, click the mini shovel.

25) Click the shovel in your inventory and then click the sack of grain.

26) Go back to Charger's stable and put the shovel of grain in the oats that were already there.


i hope that helped


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