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What are the current uses of hydroelectricity?

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generating electricity without using fossil fuels or nuclear energy The uses of hydroelectricity are the same as any other form of electricity--your device can't tell the difference between hydroelectricity, coal electricity, natural gas electricity or nuclear electricity.

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What is negative about hydroelectricity?

Hydroelectricity pollutes all the water it uses.

What sentence uses natural resources and hydroelectricity in it?

What is a sentence with hydroelectricity

What are the common uses of hydroelectricity?

hydroelectricity is used to create electricity.

Who uses most hydroelectricity and why?

china canada brazil

What could hydroelectricity be used for?

everything that uses electricity. hydroelectricity is the same thing as fossilfuel electricity...its just made differently

What are the uses of hydroelectricity in homes?

Hydroelectricity provides power, so any task in a home that requires electricity would benefit.

Why is hydroelectricity bad?

no it is actually better because it uses water

What are the uses of water in the industrial sector of Pakistan?

it is use in producing hydroelectricity............

Is there a tv that uses water?

Only if the electricity used to power it is generated by hydroelectricity

What uses have the River Po in Italy?

Hydroelectricity, irrigation and agriculture are the main ones.

What do you call the alternative energy resource that uses water to create energy?


How much hydroelectricty is used in a year?

Hydroelectricity uses about 39 Billion KWH/year...

Why is hydroelectricity better than fossil fuels?

Its better because it uses less gases and energy

What is the difference between hydroelectricity and thermal electricity?

Hydroelectric energy uses water. Thermal energy uses heat. Simple Science! Duh!

What energy source uses dams?

Hydroelectricity; the process of generating electricity from the force of water moving a turbine.

What are current uses for the internet?

the current uses fofr the internet are the would

When a hydropower plant uses the falling water to turn a turbine they are creating what type of energy?

Hydroelectricity--Hydroelectric energy

What are facts about hydroelectricity?

Hydroelectricity does not contribute to global warming.

What are the types of energy Australia uses?

Australia uses a variety of fossil fuels, e.g. coal, oil and natural gas, as well as hydroelectricity, solar energy and wind power.

Why is river Amazon not used for irrigation and hydroelectricity?

the amazon river does not flow with a swift current .And there are not many waterfalls and rapids in its path

What are some Current uses of biomass?

Some current uses for biomass is wood, alcohol, and garbage.

Who uses hydroelectricity?

Many power companies use hydroelectric power. The Niagra Falls area produces a lot of electric power.

How do you save hydroelectricity?

The best thing to do to save hydroelectricity is to conserve water.

What are the Good points of hydroelectricity?

what are use of hydroelectricity

What is a sentence with hydroelectricity?

The city depended on Hydroelectricity as their main energy source.

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