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Q: What are the day to day activities of multiplexis in mumbai?
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What is the vegetation of Mumbai?

There are mangroves in Mumbai. But due to industrial activities, mangroves are also on the verge of depletion.

Sarvay of ration card in mumbai?

that day

What is the rate of 23 carat gold in Mumbai today?

The rate of gold in Mumbai can fluctuate from day to day. To find the rate on a given day, please look on the day's financial reports.

What causes air pollution in Mumbai?

The main reasons for pollution is: 1. The increasing cars in Mumbai 2. Ever increasing population 3. Industrial activities.

Mumbai to London?

You can go to London from Mumbai by plane. The Mumbai international airport is located in the central part of Mumbai. There are around 6 flights per day. It takes around 10 hours for the trip.

How long is a flight from Dubai to Mumbai?

It is a 3 hour trip from Dubai to Mumbai. There are 13 flights per day.

Flight time from Dubai to Mumbai?

It is a 3 hour trip from Dubai to Mumbai. There are 13 flights per day.

Where can I find adventure activities in Mumbai?

If you are looking for sports activities in and around Mumbai, there are many options available for sports activities. You just have to look at the passionately. There are some fun sports and adventure activities spread across the city. I want to share my experiences with you. In Mumbai, Lonavala is the city of joy. For fun sports and adventure activities Della Adventure Park in Lonavala is the remarkable place. This amusement park consists a lot of popular adventurous sports, like Swoop Swing, ATV Rides, water sports, thrilling and heart pumping adventure activities, etc., people like most.

Are there commercial areas in Mumbai India?

There are a lot of commercial areas in Mumbai, India. They are very common and contain activities like banking, media, information technology centers, etc.

How many airplanes fly every day in Mumbai?

around 10000 planes land at mumbai international and domestic airport

Where was the first One Day International played in India?


1st one day international match played in India?


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