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What are the devices used in connecting internet?


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routers, switches, internal modem, external modem, hub, etc..,


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Computing Devices that help Computers connect to Network & functions when connected to Network (Network Printers) are called Network Devices.Most widely used Network Devices are:Routers: Helps connecting different Networks.Switches: Helps connecting devices in a Network.DSL Modems: Helps connecting to Internet through Service Providers.

No, a simple home network can be configured to share data and devices without connecting to the internet.

Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity, used as medium for connecting Computing devices to a Network (LAN or Internet Providers).

All new laptops come with devices that can be used for connecting to the internet, such as a Wifi, Ethernet, or 3G adapter. You must pay for the internet subscription and any other necessary equipment, such as modems and routers, separately.

You will need to access your wireless router. It will list and show all the devices connected to your network.

Strictly NO, but in effect YES. Connecting to wifi means connecting to a wireless router - IF the router is connected to the Internet (it does not have to be), then connecting to it will also give you a an Internet connection.

a internet card is a piece of hardware that is used for the purpose of connecting the computer to a internet modem or network so you can access the internet

The easiest way of connecting to the internet is to use wireless broadband internet connected to your laptop. Another easy way of connecting to the internet is to use your smartphone.

1394 Connection is a firewire connection used to connect devices such as storage, pic, and video hardware. People get confused thinking that it is a device for connecting to a network or internet provider. Such is not the Case.

Make sure your firewall isn't blocking Minecraft from connecting to The Internet.

How are you connecting to the internet to write this then?

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Internet and networking are similar. The internet is a big network connecting computers, people, and other devices world wide. And networking comes where it is not connected to internet but still can connect between computers and transfer, share files like LAN in an office, home.

There are many cables and components to a computer. The main cables for connecting the computer would be the power cable, and an Ethernet cable for connecting a non wireless PC to the internet.

The range of devices to connect to the internet on is increasing all the time. We used to access the internet on desktop or laptop computers.

- computers - laptops - phones - tablets - i pods

The wired or wireless means of connecting to the Internet is called a(n) ________ connection.

The Internet is a global network connecting millions of computers.

requirements for connecting to internet

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small computer system interface are set of advance method of connecting peripheral devices and computer manually. Sometimes used for hard disks, printer, scanner and so on

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