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The zener diode is optimized for reverse breakdown voltage accuracy and stability. This value and its tolerance is specified in more detail than a normal diode.


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Normal Diode works in Forward Bias and Zener Diode works in reverse bias region.

zener resistance of a zener diode is the resistance of the zener diode but which is the resistance of a diode

The difference between the pn-junction diode and the zener diode is that the pn-junction diode is used for rectification while the zener diode is used for rectification and stabilization. Also, the zener diode can function in the breakdown region while the pn-juntion diode can not function in that regime.

Yes, a zener diode is normally operated in the reverse bias direction, cathode more positive than anode.If you forward bias a zener diode, it acts like a normal diode, with a junction voltage between 0.6V and 0.7V, which is not what you want.

Yes **************************************** Yes they can but there are pitfalls. A normal diode will have a high reverse breakdown voltage. A zener has a relatively low breakdown voltage (its "zener"voltage). If a zener diode is used as a rectifier it must have a zener voltage at least twice the peak of the applied a.c.

zener diode is for regulator purpose. it will maintain the constant voltage so we are using as regulator. we have to connect reverse bias then only it will act like zener diode if we are connecting forword bias it will act like normal diode.............. H.L.Kiran

A zener diode is made by using unusually high doping levels in both the p & n sides of the junction. As doping profiles cannot be changed after manufacture, it is not possible to convert a normal junction diode into a zener diode.

acts like a normal diode in forward biased condition

It would be 0.7V, the same as any other silicon diode; except for one thing, most zener diodes are manufactured with a reversed diode in series with them. When the zener is operated in its normal zener breakdown mode this reversed diode conducts, letting the zener operate. When the zener is operated in its forward biased mode this reversed diode prevents conduction. Thus most zeners have no forward voltage.

The zener diode is used for rectification and stabilisation.

zener diode is a revers bias diode which used for voltage regulation.

zener diode :zener diode operates under reverse bias voltageideal diode :ideal diode operates under forward bias voltage

zener iode is a special type of junction diode with different level of doping as compared to normal pn junction diode .... zener diode are used in reguled power supply to provide constant output voltage irrespective of change of input supply or load variations

The main operation of Zener Diode is it regulates volatage.

Zener diode have negative temperature coefficient.

A zener diode cannot be used as switch.

When a zener diode is connected in series with a resistor, the voltage across the resistor will be stabilized by the zener diode.

pn junction diode conducts current in one directions where as the zener diode conducts in both the directions. large current flow damage the PN junction diode but zener diode conducts eventhough there is a large current........

Dr. Clarence Melvin Zener of Southern Illinois University invented the zener diode.

Dr. Clarence Melvin Zener of Southern Illinois University invented the zener diode.

The primary purpose of the zener diode is voltage regulation (stabilization).

zener diodes r power diode..........................they generally used in reverse bias . mainly they hav application in regulators..............

what is the difference between reverse characteristics of zener diode and a practical diode ?

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