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== == == == the difference betwen Neo-classical and classical school is that:

1-CLASSICAL SCHOOL:-It is related to wealth and introduced by Adam Smith an economist of classical school.

2-NEO-CLASSICAL:-It is related to human welfare. Marshall, an economist, described that "Economics is a science of human welfare" and we call it the neo-classical view that is known as neo-classical school

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Q: What are the differences between neoclassical school and classical school?
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How do the classical and neoclassical schools of thought in criminology differ?

Classical school stated that "all people should be treated equally" unlike the Neo-Classical school which stated that children below 7 years old should not be held criminally reliable. That is one of the few differences only.

Difference between neoclassical and new classical macroeconomics?

There is no such thing as neoclassical macroeconomics, only new classical macroeconomics. Neoclassical economics is a dominant school of microeconomics which relies on the use of supply and demand models in order to determine prices, outputs and income distributions and bases its models on utility maximization by individuals with limited income and profit maximization by firms with limited resources (i.e. costs) using production factors. Neoclassical economics developed. Developed at the beginning of the 20th century in the wake of the Marginal Revolution, it is - together with neo-Keynesian macroeconomics - one of the two components of the neoclassical synthesis. As neo-Keynesian macroeconomics failed to provide satisfying solutions to several economic crises in the 1970s new classical economics emerged along with monetarism/Chicago school of economics as new macroeconomic schools of thought. New classical macroeconomics derive their theories on the macroeconomic level from microfoundations based on neoclassical theory. It is therein rivaled by New Keynesian macroeconomics which aims to provide Keynesian macroeconomics with microfoundations of its own.

What are the differences between neoclassical school and romantic school?

Neoclassicism is a revival of classical art (Michaelangelo) and often has serious, heroic, and moral themes. It is very realistic. Think Jacques-Louis David's Oath of the Horatii. Romanticism is a reaction to neoclassicism and the Enlightenment. It focused more on the individual imagination and sought to evoke strong emotions. It has ties to the French Revolution. Look at Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People.

What is the difference between classical ballet and neoclassical ballet?

Neoclassical, commonly called Lyrical ballet is more of a flowy, jazzy style of ballet. Mostly danced in demi-pointe slippers made of canvas or leather you use typical classical ballet moves but interpret (sp?) the music more. THIS ABOVE IS TOTALLY INCORRECT. Neoclassical ballet is Balanchine (NYCB). Instead of long story ballets, the pieces are short. It is danced characteristly in a fast pace. Classical ballet consists of story ballets such as Sleeing Beauty,Giselle, Swan Lake and La Sylphide. The styles would be Vagonova,Cecchetti and French School.

What are the deffirences and similarities between church and school?

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Define classical school of thoughts?

classical school of thougt

What is neo-classical organizational theory?

Organizational theory involves analyzing how organizations like businesses or governments interact with their environment. Neoclassical refers to the school of theory that hopes to actually care for the needs of human beings, among other things that it tries to do differently from classical theory.

What is the similarities between classical and Keynesian school of thoughts in economics?

Keynesians say that government should interven in economic activities where as classical say not too

What are the differences and similarities between the classical school of thought and the human relation school of thought?

quel sont les points de convergences et de divergences entre les l'école classique et relation des humaine ?

What has the author Brian Hillier written?

Brian Hillier has written: 'The macroeconomic debate' -- subject(s): Macroeconomics, Classical school of economics, Neoclassical school of economics, Keynesian economics 'The economics of asymmetric information' -- subject(s): Labor market, Investments, Insurance

When was Alexander Classical School created?

Alexander Classical School was created in 1837.

When was Classical High School created?

Classical High School was created in 1843.

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