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What are the differences between procedural programming language and object-oriented programming language?


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It isn't usually a difference in the language itself, but actually a difference in how the programming is done and documented.

A procedural approach would be to get the thing coded and working, step by step, coding each step as you go, usually from scratch. Especially with old programming languages and really long programs, it can be hard to go back and follow what is going on.

Object oriented programming's major difference is documenting pieces of code, and being able to go back and re-use them. Even in a really long program, because of the organization and documentation... it is easier to follow along about what is happening.

Many people in the programming community still code procedurally, but others are moving toward object-oriented programming, which is more complex to do initially, but is worth it in terms of others being able to understand the code.

Some say that procedural is sloppy, and that object oriented is more elegant. I think both work, and both make some beautiful programs. I do agree that for someone who has to work with someone else's code... Object Oriented is easier to use.