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What are the differences between product concept sales concept and the marketing concept?


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There are three different concepts also known as orientation stages. So here the history of marketing is relative in differentiating these three stages. The product concept is one of the earliest (up to around 1930's). First of all we have to understand that at that time there were few factories making similar products therefore few competitors meaning there was no problem finding customers and selling the product, all the customers wanted is to satisfy their needs, which were quite basic- physical, social and individual. It was the time that people did not have many offers so they were buying those products that the market was offering. Manufacturers focused mainly on the quantity of the product rahter than on the quality. The demand for different products was high so factories produced as many units as possible to reach higher demand. The needs and wants of customers were of secondary importance. Than came the difficult times for consumers and the producers (1930's-W.W.II). This was the time of great depression. The supply went up but demand was greatly reduced because of the War. So the firms started promoting their products heavily through advertising but people could not afford to spend a lot because of the great depression...........