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Q: What are the differences between the enlightenment and romanticism?
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What is the correct chronological order between enlighment romanticism realism naturalism?

Enlightenment, Romanticism, Realism, and Naturalism.

What is the differences between romanticism and dark romanticism?

Romanticism is like beauty and nature, and dark Romanticism is like feeling like you want to kill your lover.

What are these differences between Romanticism and Realism in America?

Romanticism was more of a spiritual movement whereas Realism was based on logic.

Which earlier ideas did Romanticism reject?

Romanticism rejected the idea of The Enlightenment.

How did romanticism compare to the ideas of enlightenment?

Romanticism allowed people to think more naively than enlightenment. Romanticism accepted others word, enlightenment questioned the validity of each statement.

What were the differences between Benjamin Franklin's ideas about enlightenment and John Winthrop's ideas?

Food Stamps

What are the differences between the Enlightenment philosophies and the philosophy of Sir Robert Filmer?

What is the difference between the Enlightenment philosophies and the philosophy of Sir Robert Filmer.

What is the difference between American romanticism and British romanticism?

The difference between British and American romanticism is that British romanticism was mover diverse. American romanticism centered around only America, and American situations.

What are the similarities and differences between the Great Awakening Movement and the Enlightenment Movement?

People woke up during the great awakening and people were enlightened during the enlightenment

What was the first literary work that showed Romanticism as a movement distinct from Enlightenment philosophy?

Lyrical Ballads

As a movement Romanticism may be described as?

As a movement, Romanticism may be described as recapturing the essence of the traditions of the classics. It was a rebellion against the Age of Enlightenment since it was a resurgence of medievalism.

When did romanticism occur?

romanticism occured mainly between 1750 and 1870