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the southern colonies needed slaves for their large plantations where in the New England colonies the colonists there protested that slavery was unfair.


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no slavery was involved in the middle and southern colonies

Slavery was most common in the Southern Colonies than in the New England colonies because there were plantation work to be done.

BEcause they believed in slavery unlike the middle colonies and the new england colonies

Southern Colonies had more land so they produced more crop and they were a more rural area, and the New England colonies had more manufacturing buildings and they were a more urban area. Plus the southern colonies had slavery whiles the New England colonies did not.The middle colonies also produced and had slaves but barely as many as the southern colonies.

Southern Colonies had slaves to do their work on the plantation, Middle Colonies had some slaves but they were kinda in the middle, while the New England Colonies had no slaves.

The southern colonies believed that slavery was okay.

The middle colonies produced different goods than the southern colonies. For example the Southern colonies produced cotton and tobacco, while the middle colonies produced other goods. In terms of slavery, the New England countries gave up slavery first. Middle colonies like New Jersey were one of the last states to abolish slavery.

yes, slavery was allowed in the southern colonies. Most slaves came from the north east coast of Africa

Southern. Middle and New England colonies didn't have slavery, but they did have discrimination.

Slavery provided labor for the developing textile industries in the southern colonies.

The southern colonies thought that slavery was okay. They had the most slaves out of the 3 colonies because they had more farmland.

there was no slavery at all in the middle colonies actually they didnt believe in slavery, the southern colonies were the colonies that had the slaves

Both colonies had an Aliance towards Mother England, had some sort of Slavery, and ... (still need more)

southern colonies: fertile soil, warm and humid weather, almost no industry, short winters middle colonies:mix of new England and southern colonies New England colonies: rocky and thin soil, long winters, relied on industry and shipbuilding and trade

There was more slaves in the southern colonies than in the Middle colonies and New England because they didn't think it was right to have slaves and they had mostly everything that they needed and could do it by themselves.REKLAWthe reasons why there were most slaves in the south than middle is because the southern economy ran on slavery,the souths depended on slavery to do the work which made them richer.the southern slaves had no freedom,but the north slaves could buy their way out of slavery and can only work on weekdays.

Slavery provided labor for the developing textile industries in the Southern colonies.

They didn't have slavery. Only the southern did.

RRrrrgh, I knew that before! I THINK there was more slavery in the southern colonies because it was hotter(closer to the equator), and because the people were lazier.

The southern colony, some of the middle colony and I m not sure about the new england. Hoped it helped:D

Slavery in the southern colonies increased after the invention of the cotton gin. This invention made plantation agriculture extremely lucrative; slavery was abolished in 1865.

It was not. Slavery was much more important in the southern colonies where they would mobilized on large cotton or tobacco plantations. In New England, there were few slaves and those that did exist were primarily in domestic functions.

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