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The difference between the Nurse and Juliet's mother is that the Nurse is more of the "real" mother than Lady Capulet is. This is because the Nurse was Juliet's nurse (obviously), and had more of a connection between Juliet than Lady Capulet. The Nurse treats Juliet as her own daughter, because her real daughter, Susan, had already died. Lady Capulet is more concerned about how Juliet affects her status, more than actually caring about her.

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Juliet is old enough to be married

Juliets side of the family Capulet: Her father Lady Capulet: Her mother Nurse: Takes care of Juliet

The nurse seeks out Romeo to deliver Juliets word for them to be wed.

Friar Lawrence and the Nurse.

Lady Capulet is Juliets mother BUT the nurse brought Juliet up. Juliet was raised in Italy in the house of Lord and Lady Capulet, her parents. But largely by her Nurse and servant Angelica.

It's just Juliet's nurse. She was not nurse to Romeo. She thinks Paris is a "man of wax."

You would sympathise for the nurse because although she was disloyal to Juliet after Romeo was banished she still took care of Juliet like a mother.

The importance of the nurse is that she is Juliets best friend and airgo her shoulder to cry on and advice giver who helps her out of hot water so she helps her with Romeo. Think of her as Juliets Benvolio or Mercutio.

She doesn't, and she doesn't have to. She is Juliet's servant.

around the age of juliets mother.....and since jjuliets mother had Juliet around the age of 13-15 and Juliet is 13 now add them together and you get around the age of 26-30ish...

they both learned each others names from the nurse

She asks the nurse, "Who's that guy over there?"

The nurse tell Juliet to forget about Romeo, and to marry Paris. She will never ask or tell anything to the nurse.

The Nurse interupts their conversation (pretty much every conversation they have when you think about it)

The Nurse goes to wake Juliet on her wedding day and finds her dead.

She reports that Juliet is weeping an wailing, as is Romeo whom we see.

In Act 2 Scene 5 the Nurse teases Juliet by withholding the message Romeo has sent.

The Nurse foils the character of Juliet's mother, Lady Capulet. As her mother, Lady Capulet should know everything that there is about her daughter; she should know how old she is and her innermost feelings. However, Lady Capulet knows neither. Early on in Act 1, Lady Capulet is unsure of Juliet's age and the Nurse has an extended speech in which she explains to Juliet's mother how she knows how old Juliet is better than her mother does. Additionally, throughout the play, it is the Nurse that Juliet goes to for advice and assistance, not her mother.

In the beginning of the play, Juliet trusts her Nurse completely. However in act 3 scene 5, Nurse turns against Romeo and Juliet stops confiding in her.

Juliet stops taking the Nurse's advice after the Nurse advises her to commit bigamy.

The Nurse keeps intentionally straying from the subject, thus postponing the news so Juliet is in suspense longer.

The Nurse, when she runs in Juliets room to wake her up she finds her dead.

To give him Juliets ring and tell him that she still loves him even after he killed Tybalt.

The Nurse and Friar Lawrence are both aware that this is their plan.

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