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Someone who studys the world and the way it is

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He was known as a philosopher.

Pythagoras was the Greek philosopher and scientist who conducted the first experiments in acoustics.

Natural philosopher is an old term for what we now call a scientist.

mathematician, scientist, and philosopher.

he was a philosopher, a printer, a scientist, and a representative.

No, Plato was a philosopher first and foremost.

kahit ano Aristotle is a philosopher not a scientist

Archimedes, of course in his day he was termed a philosopher.

he was philosopher, gambler, lover, priest, scientist and more

Philosopher, teacher, scientist, author.

It is about one woman - Hypatia, a philosopher/scientist in Alexandria.

Descartes was a mathematician and a philosopher, not a scientist. Of course, his work in mathematics has been very useful to science.

Democritus was a Greek scientist and philosopher. He is best remembered for suggesting the existence of atoms.

Galileo? An Italian scientist and philosopher in the 1600s who is mostly remembered for his astronomic discoveries.

Karl Marx was a philosopher, social scientist, historian, and a revolutionary.

A Greek philosopher by the name of Democritus as well as Dalton

A person who studies logic is called a Philosopher.

A Forensic Scientist and A Csi Forensic scientist are the same there is no change in what you do. The only change is where you work.

The scientist Francis Bacon was also a philosopher and author. However, he did not write an autobiography. Multiple biographies have been written about him.

The most famous student of the Athenian philosopher Plato was the Macedonian scientist Aristotle of Stagira (384-322).

he was a painter, engineer, mathematician, architect, inventor, philosopher and a scientist

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