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What are the different components of an email?


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June 08, 2015 3:45PM

The two main components of an email are the header section and the email body.

The email headers contain information about the email such as:

  • the senders identification
  • actual source of the email (they can be different)
  • Where the email goes if you reply to the email
  • recipient of the email
  • who else the email is supposed to get the email
  • what program was used to send the email
  • what service was used to bring the email into the internet
  • The route the email took to get to the destination (it could involve many places)
  • Some information about the contents in the email body
  • Security information about the sender of the email to help determine if he sender is who it says it is, the senders reputation as a valid email source or if the identifying has been faked.
Although this information is hidden, most email programs have a menu option to allow viewing of "Full Headers" or "full text" or "original message".

The body of the email contains the message itself. It can be text, word document, or look like a web page with images and links. If can also have files of various types attached (embedded) into the body.