What are the different kinds of sports in the Philippines?


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Table Tennis




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the different kinds of monsoons in the philippines are northeast monsoon, southwest monsoon and the trade winds

Some of the different kinds of weather in the Philippines are thunderstorms, oppressive humidity, and typhoons.

There are a variety of different kinds of animals and plants in the Philippines. Some examples are the Labanos and the Snaggletooth Shark.

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The Philippines is bounded by the Pacific Ocean on the east.

There are more than ten different types of sports.

There are many Fishes in the Philippines because the Philippines is surrounded by water and the Phillippines is an archepelago so, there are many different kinds of fishes in the Philippines.

there are about 24 different kinds of sports in America.

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There different kinds of forest in the Philippines; these are the Dipterocarp forest, the Fine forest, the Mangrove forest, the Beach forest and the Mossy forest.

It is basically hard to determine a sports that really originated from the Philippines because sports in the Philippines is the result of having been influenced by different cultures. But there are still lot of native sports out there that originated from the indegenouos minorities in the Philippines. One is the sepak takraw, a ball game. Also arnis, a form of martial arts.

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Catholics play all kinds of sports. They do not have a preferrence as everybody has different tastes.

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Some of the invertebrates seen in the Philippines are different types of coral and sponges. There are also anemones and sea cucumbers.

the ethnic tribes are: mangyans,aetas,tiboli

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