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The difference between different numbered cornet mouthpieces is the size of the mouthpiece. The higher the number on the mouthpiece the smaller the mouthpiece.

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What is the differen ce of a trumpet and cornet?

A trumpet is longer than a cornet and the mouthpieces are a little different on the end that goes into the instrument. A cornet's is smaller around and shorter. Also, a cornet has a slightly mellower sound. They are very interchangeable. If you can play one, you can play the other. They sound pretty much the same and you can play trumpet music on a cornet, and vise versa. Some older music will have trumpet and cornet music, but it doesn't matter which the music is played on.

Are all clarinet mouthpieces the same size?

No there are many different sizes

Can you use a alto sax mouthpiece on a tenor sax?

NO! that's why there are TWO DIFFERENT MOUTHPIECES!

What does small shnk and large shank mean for trombone mouthpieces?

Different trombones have different size openings for the mouthpiece. Tenors, especially those without F attachments, generally use small-shank mouthpieces. Large shanks are usually for euphoniums and bass trombones.

Are trombone mouthpieces expensive?

Trombone mouthpieces vary in price depending on what they are made of and brand. Prices can range between $20.00 and $225.00 for basic mouthpieces. The least expensive units are made of brass.

What are trombone mouthpieces made of?

They are typically made of brass and finished with a silver plating. Some mouthpieces are gold-plated.

What is the best trombone mouthpiece size to get?

well mouthpieces are a big deal in playing brass of course. mouthpiece sizes vary depending on what you play. they have certain mouthpieces for everything. this deals with all brass instruments so it's not just the trombone. also they have mouthpieces for different levels in experience and low/higher notes. so i could not tell you what to get. keep searching!

What is the difference between a cornet and a trumpet?

The tubing on a cornet has more bends or is wound tighter depending on the model. The bore is different on the cornet, being more conical as opposed to the trumpet, which is more cylindrical, and the cornet mouthpiece has a smaller diameter shank. The cornet is generally considered to have a more mellow tone than a trumpet, but that depends partly on the mouthpiece and partly on the player.

What different types of instruments did Louis Armstrong play?

Cornet and trumpet.

What are the different names for the trumpet?

Clarion, cornet, horn or shophar. EDIT: A Cornet is actually a different horn completely, a trumpet is 2/3 cylindrical and 1/3 conic. a Cornet is 2/3 conic and 1/3 cylindrical. Plus is shorter than a trumpet and more annoying

What is the differences in mouthpieces for euphoniums?

There are different sizes of mouthpieces that you can get, some may be more suited for higher notes and lower notes than others. I used a euphonium with a larger mouthpiece than my own euphonium's and found it harder to play. Hope that helps.

How do you get a dilga?

in mt cornet in mt cornet

Is the melody maker cornet a good cornet?

Melody maker cornet is a good cornet since the melody is clear and allows one to understand it well.

Are bass clarinet mouthpiecs the same as normal clarinet mouthpieces?

The mouthpieces of a clarinet and a bass clarinet are identical in design. Where they differ is in size alone.

What are the best baritone sax mouthpieces?


Do monette mouthpieces only fit a monette trumpet?

No - not at all. In fact most Monette mouthpieces are used by players using other types of horns.

Do players have to where mouthpieces in the NFL?

no they dont have to wear mouthpieces. its not required in the nfl; quarterbacks especially dont wear them due to the fact that they call a lot of audibles

What is the area of Neuville-au-Cornet?

The area of Neuville-au-Cornet is 2,280,000.0 square meters.

What is the area of Teissières-de-Cornet?

The area of Teissières-de-Cornet is 9,320,000.0 square meters.

Do brass instruments have wood mouthpiece?

Instruments with wood mouthpieces, or mouthpieces containing wooden reeds, are called woodwinds, regardless of the material used to make them - and many are made of brass. "Brass" instruments - trumpets, tubas and other horns - have metal mouthpieces without reeds.

How do you play an A on the cornet?

On a traditional Bb cornet, an A will have a 12 fingering.

When did Peeter Cornet die?

Peeter Cornet died in 1633.

When did Severin Cornet die?

Severin Cornet died in 1582.

When was Cayetano Cornet born?

Cayetano Cornet was born in 1963.

What family of instrument does cornet belong to?

A cornet is a brass instrument.

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