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What are the different ringtone file types?

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Can you put an itunes ringtone on your phone but not have the iPhone?

No, iPhone ringtone file is .m4r extension

How can I get a free ringtone?

You can get a free ringtone by transferrign a mp3 file from your pc to your phone. You can then choose which part of the track you would like as your ringtone.

How do YOU put custom ringtone on samsung omnia?

All you have to do is find the file with the file explorer, Then hold in stylus/finger on the file for 3 seconds and click set as ringtone. Rhys

What are the different types of file sharing?


How are free ringtones sent to your phone through the internet?

In most instances, ringtones of all types are sent to a phone as a link to download a file. The only difference with a free ringtone is that the user is not charged to receive the file.

What are Different types of file organisation in DBMS?

Heap file organization Sequential File Organization Hashing File organization

How do you set sms ringtone in micromax a110?

To set the ringtone in Micromax A110: 1. Add the music file (with a appropriate name) that you want as ring tone to Ringtone folder. 2. Go to Setting --> User Profile --> Voice Call ringtone 3. Select the ringtone by tappimg it.

How do you convert a music file to a ringtone?

It depends what format of ringtone your phone supports. If it is a newer model, simply copy the .mp3 file across to your handset. Otherwise it is probably a .mid file or polyphonic ringtone. There are many programs with which you can create your own polyphonic ringtones. Otherwise simply do a quick google search for the song you want, followed by .mid.

How do you get a ringtone for your iPhone?

Normally, you can buy ringtones from iTunes store. This is one option but you can also install your ringtones. Iphone supports m4r file for its ringtone. You can convert any audio or video file into m4r by using Total Video Converter placed in 4shared or you can also visit the website and upload your file there. After that you will be given a link for iphone ringtone. Download it. When you download it, add that file to your itunes library. There will be a link shown on your device link with the name of "Ringtones". Then go to your device and check the box of sync ringtones in Ringtones menu. Then sync it and you will have a ringtone on your iphone.

What different types of file processing system?

sequential file organization index file orgaization diect file orgaization

What are gigabytes megabytes and Kilobytes?

Different types of file sizes.

What are the different types of severs?

There are many different types of servers. Some of them are file server, application server, and web server.

What are the different types of File Management Utilities?

sequence file system index file system main file system sequence index file system

What is Verizon wireless ringtones?

Verizon wireless offers many different ringtones. You can download various types of sounds or songs to act as your ringtone. You can even choose different ringtones for different callers.

How do you convert macro media flash file to doc file?

You can't. Adobe Flash and Microsoft Word are two entirely different types of programs - and thus have entirely different types of files.

What is the format of a ringtone?

There are many different formats.

How many types of file in computer?

Technically, there are an infinite of different types of files. A file is just some data that so program reads and uses. Some common file types are:PNG - A type of picture fileJPEG - Another type of fileTXT - Text fileZIP - Compressed information

Can you save a spreadsheet as a different file type in Excel?

Yes you can. You can use the Save As to do this. It gives you lots of different file types that you can save your spreadsheet as.

What are the different types of MP3s?

Mp3 is a certain type of Music file. There are not different types (unless speaking of the quality 36kbps-360kbps). Different types of music files are WMA, OGG, WAV

What are the different types of files and how End Of File of a full represented by a pointer?

There are two file types in C++ namely, text file and binary file. In text file EOF or end of file is represented by an end of file character having ASCII 26. In binary files EOF or end of file is represented by NULL in the file pointer

What file format is used to save data on floppy disk?

There is no specific file format; the different file types are the same as those on a hard drive.

How do you convert an ASPX file to a Word doc?

They are totally different types of file format and you can't convert it from one to another.

What software should I use to create my own ringtone?

Creating a custom ringtone is helpful in allowing people to quickly distinguish their phone from every other cellphone ringtone. Creating a custom ringtone is easy and can be made quickly by using just iTunes. In iTunes, the user can select custom start and stop times and the convert that into a separate file that is used as the ringtone, which can be easily transferred onto most smartphones.

In what format data stored in a computer?

It depends there are Hundreds of different kinds of file types.

What are the different types of woodworking files?

there are lots of files: The rat tail file-to round off objects The bastard file-to file larger objects half round file 3 sided file 4 sided file