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your fauken brain stop cheeting Chinook kids i know u are

your fauken brain stop cheeting Chinook kids i know u are

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Q: What are the different roles of functional foods containing supplements in developed and developing countries?
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How do you use changement in a sentence?

The desire of changement in youths is changing the developing countries. This is a sentence containing the word changement.

What percent of countries are developing?

152/197 countries are developing countries, so that would be 77% of all countries are developing ones.

What are examples of a developing countries?

Haiti and many countries in Africa are developing countries

How does developed countries help the developing countries?

By selling their products to developing countries.

What continent has most developing countries?

Africa has the most developing countries.

What countries are developing countries?

i am not sure but i think a developing country is a country that is changing from an LEDC to an MEDC. i think these countries is a developing country: Brazil

Are most countries in Africa developed or developing?

Most countries in Africa are developing

How many developing countries are in debt?

their are 192 countries and a very large percentage are developing countries that are in debt.

Questions about multinational companies in developing countries?

What are the advantages of multinational companies to the developing countries?

What is the impact of globalization on developing countries?

Globalization helps developing countries by creating jobs, and sending money into the economy of that developing country.

Why Management is important to the developing countries?

The mis-management of resources is a major factor of why developing countries are lagging behind. Management is thus very important in the progress of developing countries.

What continent is considered developing?

It is countries that are described as developing. South America, Africa, and Asia are mostly made up of developing countries. There are many island nations, as well as the countries of Central America, that are considered developing nations.

What are the 5 reasons for high unemployment in developing countries?

reasons for High employment rate in developing countries

Are core countries developing countries or developed countries?

They are developed countries that are industrialized.

What are the challenges of using the Internet in developing countries?

Using the Internet in developing countries is greatly hampered by the high degree of poverty in developing countries. Not many people can access the Internet because it is expensive.

Per capita income of developing and developed countries?

per capita income of developing countries is very low in comparision to developed countries

What are the developing countries?


Who are the developing economy's countries in world?

Most developing countries are in Africa, although any country pre-industrialization and in this millennium, digitalization can be considered to have a developing economy.

How do developing countries maintain an advantage over developing coutries in the international trade?

They maintain high tariffs on the agricultural goods that many developing countries export.

Who gets TSS in developing countries?

In the developing countries, however, toxic shock syndrome often affects children.

When was International Journal of Diabetes in Developing Countries created?

International Journal of Diabetes in Developing Countries was created in 1981.

Is Ethiopia a developing nation or a developed nations?

developing nation african countries are still developing

What are some developing countries?

there are alot of developing countries in africa. (any country that is in dehydration, starvation and/or poverty.)Data from the Human Development Index (HDI) can be used to identify developing countries. Although there is "no established convention for the designation of "developed" and "developing" countries or areas in the United Nations system", countries with comparatively low HDI values can be identified as developing countries. These include Angola, Egypt, Laos, Peru and Sierra Leone. Note that these countries may still have fairly developed cities (especially the capital city) but are still overall developing countries because of the rural areas which are still underdeveloped. A list of developing countries is available under "related links" on this page.

What are the problems when comparing living standards in developing countries and living standards in developed countries?

developing countries may not have a set living standard yet

What type of economy does developing countries have?

Developing Economy or Protecting the Environment