What are the different styles of cooking?

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Depending on what you mean by style of cooking, Style is the technique used for the application of ingredients to the method of cooking applied for a recipe,
not to be confused with the geographical location of recipe such as Italian style cooking, which is not a style but a cuisine, Greek cuisine Chinese cuisine etc,
At the moment I can name three styles of cooking, there are more but have forgotten the rest. As a Chef my style of cooking is Aromatic there is also Fusion and Country (Peasant).
For example, as in an Irish Cuisine we will use the cooking method of stewing to create an Irish stew, Country style will fill the pot with water and throw in the ingredients and leave to stew, Aromatic will first sweat (cooking method) the ingredients, herbs and spices in different order to develop smell and taste to the desired affect then add the water or stock to stew, fusion may use either of these styles but introduce ingredients from different cuisines such as Yams or Rice instead of Potato or Ostrich instead of Lamb etc. each style will produce a different taste notable between aromatic and country by intensity of flavour, taste and texture, and the creation of a new taste and different flavour of the original by the fusion of new ingredients and or cooking methods (eg braising instead of stewing) to the recipe
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How many styles of cooking?

There are an infinite number of styles of cooking.