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What are the different types of HDTV -- CRT or LED?



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There are basically 3 different categories of High Definition televisions. The first is Flat Panel, which includes both LCDs and Plasmas. These TVs feature a slim design, can be wall-mounted, and are most often associated with HD. The second is Projection, which includes DLPs and LCD Projection. The third is CRT, or Cathode Ray Tube. These resemble the bulky, heavy analog televisions which have been around for a long time, but are able to display HD. Here is a brief list of features for each type: LCD Televisions:

- Require less power to operate than CRTs and Plasmas

- Weigh less and run cooler than Plasmas, which makes them easy to install

- Not susceptible to burn-in like CRTs and Plasmas. This is especially beneficial if you're a Gamer, or watch programming with static images that remain for long periods of time.

- Capable of producing a bright picture

- Not affected by high altitudes Plasma Televisions:

- Sleek and attractive design

- Available in large screen sizes

- Slim design and able to be wall-mounted, although to prevent damage to either the TV or your wall, professional installation is highly recommended.

- Bright image

- Excellent color saturation - produces very vibrant colors and deep blacks

- Wide viewing angles DLP Televisions:

- Available in very large screen sizes and tend to be a good value for the size and picture quality when compared to Plasma or LCD TVs

- Bright images and excellent contrast and black reproduction

- Pixels are more densely packed, therefore reducing the "screen door" effect sometimes found on LCD TVs, especially low end models

- Light source can easily be replaced

- Slim design (when compared to CRT projection TVs) LCD Projection Televisions:

- Capable of producing very bright images with high contrast

- Large screen size with the benefits of LCD technology

- Slim design (when compared to CRT projection TVs)