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Roman houses, cottages, flats, Egyptian houses, Bungalows, Terrace houses, semi- detached houses, detached houses, boat houses, mansions, castles, hotels, apartments,

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Assisted living, farm house, ranch, lighthouse, modern, victorian, tudor, traditional, prairie, french, duplex, coloniel, european,

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Information about different types of houses?

different types

What types of houses are in Brazil?

The different types of houses in Brazil are high rise apartments, cement houses, and houses that are made out of natural materials.

Are the roman buildings different from ours?

yes they lived in different types of houses such as they lived in round houses

Photos of different types of houses?

There are many different places one could find photos of different types of houses. One great place to look is on different real estate websites.

Different types of dwelling of aleutes?

There were three different types of dwellings that the Aleut lived in. They built grass huts, semi subterranean houses, and frame houses.

What are the different types of houses in Arunachal pradesh?


What are the different types of houses in India?

the houses are like straw and the are madep of straw and clay stuff

What are the different types of houses in Assam?

Houses in assams are built on stilts to protect it in the time of flood.

What are the different types of lodging industry?

types of lodging are motels hotels appartments condominium houses breakfast inns rooming houses, etc.

What are the houses like in Paris France?

There are different types of houses in Paris France. Most of them are made from bricks, stones and wood. They are different designs of houses as well in Paris.

What are the different types of houses in Belgium?

I wish i !@#$ing knew!

Why different types of houses in Mumbai?

all type of house

What are some different lodging types available in Kauai?

There are many different lodging types that are available in Kauai. These include, but are not limited to, hotels, apartments, motels, rental houses, and actual houses.

What type of houses do they have in Canada?

In Canada we have all types of houses from bungalos, townhouses, mansions, and just normal houses. The prices vary with the houses and there kind of different from u.s houses.

Different types of houses in rajasthan?

the houses in rajasthan have thick walls and flat roofs because of the hot climate

Different types of houses?

Semi - Detached Detached Terraced Flat Caravan

What are the different types of houses in the Philippines?

bahay kubo bungalow condom cottage

What are some different types of building materials for houses?

Plastic, semen, Bricks

Types of houses in different states of India?

Some types of houses that are in different states in India are flats which are generally located in places like Mumbai. People living in places such as Mangalore live in homes called bungalows.

What different types of houses were built by the Anasazi?

The different types of housing were built by the Anasazi were that the built houses on top of each other, creating large multistoried complexes. They also built their houses in canyon walls. On th other hand, they built cliff dwellings. They built houses such as longhouse, kivas, pueblos, and teepees

Where did the Native Americans live?

Different tribes had different types of homes. Teepee's, Wigwams, Hogans, longhouses, adobe houses, sod houses. Don't forget igloos.

What type of house do you make in pahalgam kashmir?

There are many different types of houses in Pahalgam Kashmir. Some of the more popular include stone houses and beach houses.

Different types of poultry houses?

layer house, broiler house and grower house

How is us and Japan's culture different?

It has a different type of government. They speak a different language. They have a different religion. They make different kinds of houses, and they have different types of schools.

What types of houses in barbados?

Chattel houses,plantation houses