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Narrator- the person telling the story

First person point of view- Uses"U"/ "me" is a character in the story

Third person limited PDV- Knows the thought of one character

Third person omniscient-Knows the thoughts of all the characters

Unreliable narrator- Narrator is biased has a wraped perspective or cannot be trusted.

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The main types of narrators are first-person (where the narrator is a character in the story and speaks with "I" pronouns), second-person (where the narrator addresses the reader as "you"), and third-person (where the narrator is outside the story and uses "he," "she," or "they" pronouns). Within third-person narration, there are further distinctions such as omniscient (where the narrator knows all characters' thoughts) and limited (where the narrator only knows the thoughts of one character).

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Q: What are the different types of narrators?
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